Minecraft Legends Review: Minecraft Meets Strategy

Minecraft Legends could share the blocky style of the original Minecraft, but this is not a sandbox survival crafting game. This is a strategy game with tower defense elements and a PvP mode that lets you keep playing even after the campaign is over.

Minecraft Legends begins with knowledge, action and foresight calling you, the hero. They ask for your help to save the overworld, a land where the inhabitants are peaceful and do not know how to fight. And it’s being attacked by Piglins.

Before they send you away, Knowledge, Action, and Foresight prepare you with a lute that can guide your army and command Allays and the Flames of Creation, along with a tutorial on how to use these new tools you’ll need to fight the Piglins and rescue the overworld.

The first guide ends after you learn the basic controls, and you’re officially sent out to do heroic things. The tutorial doesn’t end there, however, and you’ll continue to receive informative pop-ups and guides from Knowledge, Action, and Foresight.

Your general tasks are to protect the villages of this world, show the inhabitants of the overworld how to fight and eliminate the Piglins. As the campaign progresses, you can upgrade your skills, which is necessary to attack and overtake the stronger Piglin bases.

The campaign is straightforward, if a bit short, but the pace is fast enough to keep you engaged as you travel from villages to Piglin outposts, then roam around exploring the map, gathering resources, and searching for chests. This makes it easy to get drawn into your role as a hero.

Add to that the simplicity that adds to its charm – and the clarity of your tasks – and Minecraft Legends can be a somewhat relaxing experience outside of battling the Piglin menace.

The campaign features scenic cutscenes in the iconic block style of Minecraftand the soundtrack, both in cutscenes and throughout the game, accentuates the content without demanding attention and distracting from what you’re doing.

The day and night cycle gives you plenty of time to prepare before Piglins attack a village and you are warned of which village is under attack, giving you time to prepare the defenses.

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Minecraft Legends offers two game modes in addition to the campaign: PvP and Myths & Legends.

Player vs. Player mode pits eight players against each other in teams of four, but you can set up private matches to play with fewer than eight players if your crew is slightly smaller. These games can last up to an hour as you gather resources, build your defenses, and prepare attacks to attack the opposing team.

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Currently, PvP is the aspect of Minecraft Legends which offers the most replay value. Although the Redstone Launcher is very valuable, using it isn’t your only way to win. Plus, having new teammates and going up against different opponents means no two games are ever the same.

While some forms of PvP can feel stressful or put a lot of pressure on you to be good, the environment is in Minecraft Legends feels more relaxed and playful.

The third mode is Myths & Legends. Myths and Legends are available in the Marketplace, but only one is currently available and it’s free. These are additional stories that are added regularly and it’s a nice way to add more story minecraft legends, considering that the campaign alone is quick to complete.

While the single Legend available in the Marketplace is free, it’s not clear that all future ones will be free. Minecraft Legends says it contains in-app purchases, and these are seen with cosmetic additions like skins, and while it would be great if future myths and legends were also free, that may not be the case.

Prices aside, however, Myths & Legends could make you want to come back to the game as new ones are added, and it could also be your incentive to buy the game in the future as more content becomes available.

Minecraft Legends Review – The Verdict

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  • Simple and captivating story.
  • Future content featuring Myths & Legends.
  • Ability to play campaign and PVP with friends.
  • Cross-platform.


  • Short campaign.
  • Uncertainty about future pricing of content.

Minecraft Legends takes the familiar blocky style of Minecraft and focuses on strategy and action rather than building. You use pre-built buildings and structures for protection rather than building your own bases from scratch.

Overall, it’s a delightful game that makes you feel like a hero with clear goals. My biggest question is how Myths & Legends will be handled in the future and if all the additions to this mode will be free or if we will start seeing price tags on them. But if you’re a fan of Minecraft and strategy games, this is worth checking out.

[Note: Microsoft provided the copy of Minecraft Legends used for this review. Featured Image via Microsoft.]

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