Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC All Bosses List

Have you always wanted to play? MegaMan In Minecraft? Well, here’s your chance! Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC is now available on the Minecraft market, and it’s packed with a bunch of bosses from the Capcom series. Our guide provides you with a complete list of all bosses in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC including tips on how to beat them all.

All bosses in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover

The new MegaMan DLC pits players against six infamous bosses from the franchise, including:

  • Vile Ride armor
  • Cool penguin
  • Storm Eagle
  • Armored Armadillo
  • spiny chameleon
  • Sigma

Vile Ride armor

Vile is the first boss you encounter and also the easiest to beat. The whole fight consists of two short phases:

  • In the first, you can easily shoot him down with your projectiles.
  • During the second he is repaired and has more health, but the strategy remains the same.

The only thing to watch out for in the second phase are his projectiles and jump attacks, which you can easily dodge.

Cool penguin

Chill Penguin spawns right after with the same jump attacks and projectiles, but this time you’ll also have to dodge his slides. Once he summons snowflakes, jump to the edges of the arena to avoid damage.

Storm Eagle

The next fight is much more difficult since it takes place on the bridge, so be careful not to fall off the edges. Try to dodge his spiral projectiles as they can kill you instantly. The last thing to keep in mind are the bird mobs that Storm Eagle will drop from the sky. Deal with them first, then focus on shooting the boss.

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Armored Armadillo

This boss is similar to Chill Penguin with its jumping attacks, but instead of sliding, it covers its body with its armored arms to avoid damage. Wait for it to open and then shoot. He usually does this when trying to launch projectiles.

spiny chameleon

Sting Chameleon likes to hang from the ceiling and drop rocks from above. To avoid this rain of stones, move towards the walls on the edges of the arena. Be sure to dodge his long tongue attacks. He can also become invisible, but the camouflage cannot work if you keep shooting at him.


Once you reach the top of the tower, the final boss fight begins. But first you have to fight Sigma’s favorite wolf, who only has two attacks: jumping and projectiles.

Then the boss fight against Sigma begins, which consists of the following phases:

  • Attack with a sword. Don’t let him near you, or a blow with a sword will kill you instantly. Move quickly from one wall to another, avoiding his attacks while firing at Sigma.
  • Wolf Sigma. Once Sigma transforms into a giant wolf mecha, shoot his mouth, which is the most vulnerable, and try to avoid his hands, which will separate from his main body.

Once Sigma is defeated, the story is complete. These are all MegaMan Crossover DLC bosses in Minecraft. Be sure to check out the rest Minecraft Article with tips and tricks on our dedicated hub page.

Featured image via Mojang Studios.

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