MLB The Show 23: How to Face Scan

One of the best parts about MLB The Show 23 is able to create your own personal experience, especially since you can make your own baseball player. Aside from building them up in Road to the Show mode, you can take it a step further and scan your own face to create a character. This guide will show you how to scan with your face MLB The Show 23.

How to use face scan feature in MLB The Show 23

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The option to create a player will be presented to you as soon as you attempt to access your profile or launch Road to the Show mode. While a default character is provided which you can then tweak further, there’s also the option to scan your own face to use on your player.

The face scan screen shows a short list of instructions and a QR code that leads to the MLB The Show Companion app that you must use to scan your face.

If you initially avoided all of this but decided to do it after creating your character, the option is still available. Go to the top left corner to access your profile and My Ballplayer screen. Go to the Appearance page to find the instructions on how to use the face scan feature.

How to use the MLB The Show Companion app

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After downloading the app, you will be prompted to choose which iteration of MLB The Show You play and what platform you play on. Sign in to your respective account to connect the app to the game.

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Click on the big 23 icon in the bottom right corner. There’s a lot of handy connected features here, but the one we’re looking for is the FaceScan button at the top.

After confirming the typical permissions and downloading an additional add-on for the app, you can take a selfie. Follow the prompts to capture the perfect picture and confirm if you like it.

Pop-up messages will appear in-game to let you know when the image has been fully processed and added. Click the Face Scan button in-game to ensure your face scan is applied.

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After that, you can use the character creation tools to further modify your player’s appearance. The whole process, including the actual face scan, can be repeated as many times as possible until you are satisfied.

This covers how to scan with your face MLB The Show 23. If you’re trying to master Conquest mode, we can help Get all hidden rewards. For all other related guides, check out our grow MLB The Show 23 leads hub.

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