No Man’s Sky: How to Find All Sentinel Items

There are new Sentinel items to obtain Nobody’s heaven Thanks to the Interceptor update. From a jetpack skin to Sentinel Interceptor ships, the new merchandise gives a glimpse of Sentinel technology and looks cool too. They all also revolve around a new mineral called Atlantideum. How to find all Sentinel items in Nobody’s heaven.

How to find all Sentinel items

There are two types of Sentinel Technology you can obtain in the Interceptor update: Sentinel Interceptor And Sentinel Multitools. Along with the new items are the Jetpack cosmetics: Aeron turbojet.

All items can be found on Corrupted Planets that have the Corrupted Sentinel list when scanned and purple shards on their surfaces.

Once you’ve found a corrupted planet, head to the surface to begin your exploration. However, the process to obtain these is a bit tricky.

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Step 1: Harvest Atlantideum and mine Radiant Shards

Once you landed Start harvesting Atlantideum and mining Radiant Shardstwo important components for repairing Sentinel Multi-Tools and Interceptors.

  • Atlantic is a new resource found in Corruption. You can mine the smaller shards around the world and collect the resource from dropped canisters when defeating Corrupted Sentinels.
  • Radiant Shards are massive purple crystals that emit a slight charge and glow. Radiant Shards are always the same size and do not contain Sentinel Drone parts.

Step 2: Find an Echo Finder and Inverted Mirrors

When collecting corruption, keep an eye out dissonance resonators and the new four-legged spider Corrupted Guardian.

Each of them can drop one echo locator if killed. The Echo Locator is a random drop, so you might have to do a bit of grinding to get it. Dissonance Resonators also drop Inverted Mirrors, which are needed to repair upcoming Sentinel items.

Step 3: Find a Harmonic Camp and the Aeron Jetpack

Once you have the Echo Locator, activate it by using Resonate when hovering over it in your inventory. This shows you where the next one is Harmonious camp Is. Head to the camp where you will discover:

  • Harmonious scrap
  • A locked multitool
  • Collectable scrap
  • The Harmonic Camp terminal

If this is the first Harmonic Camp you visit, you will also see another terminal to the left of the main terminal containing the Aeron Jetpack customization.

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Step 4: Unlock the Harmonic Camp Terminal for the multitool

How to unlock Harmonic Camp Terminal:

  • Go through the dialog and choose Scan memory registerwhich takes you to a screen with three math equations.
  • Solve the tasks to get three answers.
  • Return to the main interface and end the lock.
  • In the next section you need to enter three glyphs.
  • Select the glyphs that correspond to your answers from the math equations and the terminal will unlock.

Once the terminal is unlocked, go in to authorize unlocking on the multi-tool. This will kick you out of the terminal. However, reload it and select it Find dissonance peaks. This will take you straight to a crashed Sentinel Interceptor (more on that below).

Step 5: Find a Downed Sentinel Interceptor

Now you can check out the new multi tool that varies in grades from C to S. You must repair it to use it. Most multitool repairs require Atlantideum, although some may also require inverted mirrors, radiant shards, broken glass, or other resources.

Once you’ve collected your multitool and all the junk in storage, head to the Dissonance Spike coordinates. At the crash site, you’ll notice another piece of Harmonic Scrap, as well as the Interceptor. Interact with the ship to collect debris along with a Hyaline Brain.

To repair the ship you will need:

  • Radiant Shard x3
  • Inverted Mirror x1
  • Harmonious Brain x1

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If you don’t have any of the above materials, a quest step will trigger for each in turn.

For the harmonious brain, Prod the Hyaline Brain in your inventory. This allows you to explore a location where you can turn the Hyaline Brain into a Harmonic Brain, allowing a non-Sentinel to pilot the ship.

Once you have the Harmonic Brain, return to the salvage location to repair the Interceptor. As with the multi-tools, inceptors can range in grades from C to S.

Here’s how to find all the new Sentinel items in the Nobody’s heaven Interceptor update. Each planet can have more than one Harmonic Camp, with more multi-tools and locations for downed Sentinel Interceptors. For other help in Nobody’s heaven, Check out our Guides repository.

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