No Man’s Sky: How to Get the Fearsome Visor

Nobody’s heaven just got a huge content drop with that Fractal Update 4.1. The update includes new quests featuring the Utopia Foundation, a new ship and the Fearsome Visor, as well as quality of life and accessibility adjustments. Here’s how to get the Terrifying Visor Nobody’s heaven.

How to get the NMS Fearsome Visor

Those who help the Utopia Foundation in the new Utopia Expedition questline will receive the NMS Adjusted the appearance of the fearsome visor.

To start the Utopia experience you must start a new single player game. In the mode selector, select “Community Expeditions” which will begin Expedition 9: Utopia.

The Utopian Foundation is focused on colonizing and rehabilitating Bakkin after it has rotted away. Your quests have a total of five phases, with each phase consisting of multiple missions. You must complete Stage 3 to get the Terrifying Visor.

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Utopia Foundation Phase 3 Missions

  • Outpost Gamma: Reach the 3rd recovery point.
  • Allocation Gamma: Collect your next orders from Utopia.
  • Gamma settlement: Build a base on the 3rd planet.
  • Advanced Mechanics: Purchase an Exocraft upgrade.
  • fauna marine: Discover 3 aquatic creatures.
  • Pearls of Wisdom: Harvest 3 Living Pearls.
  • Local delicacies: Prepare cocoa and Pilgrim’s Tonic.
  • flora magenta: Document 8 Plant life on the third planet.

If you’ve completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the quest line, you should be familiar with the game’s building mechanics. However, as each stage progresses, you may be thrown into more dangerous biomes. Once you complete the eight missions that comprise Stage 3, you will be rewarded with the NMS Terrifying Visor cosmetic. More on this Nobody’s heaven, Check out our Advice Hub.

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Featured image via Hello Games.

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