Outlast Trials: How to Unlock Prescriptions

The Outlast exams contains some ways you can make the game a little easier. One method is to learn how to unlock recipes. The impact of prescriptions may seem small, but they add up.

Outlast Trials: How to Unlock Recipes

Unlocking recipes is done by raising your Therapy Level to 3. Therapy Levels are achieved by playing through Trials, and you’ll gain some experience whether you pass the Trial or not. If you fail, you simply get a lot less experience.

I got to Therapy Level 3 after about two or three tries, so it doesn’t take too long to unlock recipes.

When you reach Therapy Level 3, you will be given the task of speaking to the facility’s nurse. It’s not difficult to find and you can reach it by following the white line “Pharmacy” on the ground.

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Outlast Studies: What are Recipes?

You can purchase one of the tier 1 medicines. These are permanent upgrades, so you don’t have to swap them out like you would with rigs. After purchase, it is always active.

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Once you’ve purchased each Tier 1 upgrade, you’ll gain access to Tier 2 medicines. As you continue playing through the trial versions, you’ll be able to snag each prescription in time.

The Outlast exams is in Early Access, and this means that some information contained in this guide may be changed as the game is updated and reaches its full release. In the meantime, we have other guides to try, such as How to decorate your cell for a personal touch or how to further customize your character.

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