Overwatch 2: How to Unlock the Roadhog Pachimari Skin

The Roadhog Pachimari skin is back surveillance 2. The PachiMarchi event is back and it’s a great time to snag some limited-time cosmetics, including the awesome Roadhog variant. If you are here wondering how to unlock it and add it to your collection.

The PachiMarchi event will run for two weeks starting on March 21, 2023 and ending on April 4, 2023. It focuses on the adorable universal product character named Pachimari and was first held in 2021.

Which was probably the most memorable part of it surveillance 2 Event was the limited-time Epic Roadhog Pachimari skin. This Roadhog skin returns for this new iteration of the event, along with other cosmetics and a new 3v3 Team Deathmatch game mode called Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari.

How to get the Overwatch 2 Roadhog Pachimari skin

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Similar to others surveillance 2 events, you must complete challenges to unlock the new content, including the Roadhog Pachimari skin.

The biggest challenge you have to complete if you want to get the Roadhog Pachimari skin is: Complete 6 Catch-a-Mari event challenges.

Read on for a full breakdown of all event challenges and their rewards below.

What is the Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi event in 2023?

In the original PachiMarchi event, all you had to do was log in or complete a specific series of games to unlock the new cosmetics, but this time it’s all about completing challenges.

This ParchiMarchi event includes 10 challenges. In addition to Battle Pass XP, almost all of them also come with various cosmetics as rewards, such as: These include player icons, a weapon charm and the Roadhog Pachimari skin.

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Some revolve around Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari arcade game mode, and others simply require completed matches in any PvP mode. They’re all pretty easy, and you can even unlock the Roadhog Pachimari skin before completing them all.

All PachiMarchi Challenge rewards for Overwatch 2

Here is the breakdown of all challenges and rewards:

  • Score 3 points in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari – Pach-Amari Player Icon
  • Deny 3 points in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari – Torbimari Player Icon
  • Use 1 jump pad in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari – Pachimari Player Icon
  • Score or fail 40 points in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari – 5000 Battle Pass XP
  • Complete 5 games of Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari – Pachimischief Weapon Charm
  • Complete 4 games – Orisamari Player Icon
  • Complete 8 games – Pacimoira Player Icon
  • Complete 12 games – Wreckimari player icon
  • Complete 16 games – Triple Pachimari Namecard
  • Complete 6 Catch-a-Mari Event Challenges – Pachimari Skin (Roadhog)

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock the Roadhog Pachimari skin in the new one surveillance 2 PachiMarchi event. If interested How to unlock the One Punch Man skins from the parallel event or just want to refresh some basic elements, our surveillance 2 Leader did you cover

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