Path of Exile: Crucible Carves Out April Release Date

Developer Grinding Gear Games has revealed a new trailer and release date for Path of Exile: Cruciblethe 31st expansion of the popular CRPG.

Scheduled for release on April 7th, 2023 for PC and Mac with a console release on April 12th, this expansion will include a host of new features and updates, like the “Crucible Challenge League,” and will give longtime gamers a laundry list with new content to work through.

The greatest addition to crucible is the aforementioned Crucible Challenge League.

A new feature of crucible is the ability to upgrade weapons with their own skill trees, and players will continue to unlock weapon experience through Crucible encounters. You begin a challenge by choosing which weapon to upgrade, then face off against ever-increasing odds. The deeper you delve into each challenge, the more powerful your weapon becomes, but you also run the risk of failing and having to start over.

Regarding the traverse, crucible introduces new Atlas Gateways for instant travel between two locations. By investing in the Atlas Passive Tree, you reduce the number of travel points required for fast travel and can focus on the skills that better suit your playstyle. As for the rest, there are too many tiny changes to list here. A full changelog can be found at the officially way of exile Website.

in the last 10 years, way of exile has carved a niche for itself as the spiritual successor to Activision Blizzard Diablo Series. With its latest expansion, the game will continue to thrive until path of exile 2 Hits sometime next year.

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Featured image via Grinding Gear Games

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