Phasmophobia — How to Spot Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orbs are among the more difficult pieces of evidence phasmophobia. You can only view them through the video camera, they move, and the mimicry they use as a red herring makes ghost bullets one of the most frustrating types of evidence out there. Let’s share some tips on how to find Ghost Orbs and what you need to know about the Mimic.

What are Ghost Bullets?

Ghost spheres, also known as ghost balls, are floating white spots of light commonly seen in photos and video camera footage. In real life, ghost balls are often explained as insects or speck of dust floating in front of the camera lens. In phasmophobiathey are evidence that certain spirits are in the room.

How to Spot Ghost Bullets in Phasmophobia

Ghost Orbs can only be spotted through the in-game video cameras, and you can choose one of two ways to see them:

  • Hold the camera while walking around the house in the dark.
  • Either turn off a camera or set it on a tripod and then look over the van’s monitor.
Screenshot of GameSkinny

The easiest and fastest way to find Ghost Orbs is to walk around the map with the video camera. With night vision enabled, it’s easier to spot ghost orbs in the dark. You want to look out for small floating white dots. They are more noticeable in the darker parts of the camera video and often run horizontally or upwards across the screen.

You can also leave the camera in a room, either on the tripod or on another surface. If you’re just placing the camera, use F to drop it on a table, the floor, etc. to activate it. When using the tripod, place it where you want it. Then place the camera with F on it. Regardless of the method, once you place her, you can see what she sees using the PC in the transporter. Click with the mouse to change which camera is shown on the screen and use the keyboard to switch to night vision mode.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Beware of the copycat

The mimic adds a unique twist to ghost orbs and is something to keep in mind whenever you receive orbs as “evidence”. Not only does it copy other ghosts, but it also spawns a fourth piece of fake evidence: ghost orbs. This is in addition to the other three types of evidence it triggers. I’ve been fooled by this more than once, as has every other Phasmophobia player. Be aware of fake bullets!

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That’s all you need to know about ghost orbs and how to spot them phasmophobia. Check out some of our others phasmophobia Leader For more help on tools and ghost tracking, click here.

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