Pokemon GO: How to Beat Braviary — Best Counters, Attacks, and Weaknesses

Braviary is the evolution of Rufflet in Pokemon GO, and knowing its weaknesses and best counters will help you beat it. The hero of the skies is known for not leaving a friend behind, even when injured. If you face this opponent, you are in for a fight. Here are some tips on how to defeat this opponent.

Tips on how to beat Braviary in Pokemon Go

Braviary Attacks

Braviary attacks come in a variety of forms. It can have Steel Wings (Steel) or Air Ace (Flying) for its fast attack. The charged attack can be Heat Wave (Fire), Rock Smash (Rock), Melee (Combat), or Brave Bird (Fly), although there’s a good chance he’ll have a flying attack to get the type bonus.

Braviary weaknesses

Braviary is a Flying/Normal Pokémon from the Unova region. Its flying type mainly makes it weak against:

  • rock
  • Ice
  • electric
  • Battle

Braviary counter

The best counters against Braviary are Rock, Ice, or Electric Pokemon with appropriate moves to take advantage of the type bonus. Here are some examples of each type:

  • rock: Terrakium, Golem, Aggron
  • Ice: Kyurem, Shadow Mamoswine, Glaceon
  • electric: Zekrom, Magnezone, Luxray

Pokemon you shouldn’t use against Braviary

You should keep any Bug, Grass, or Fighting Pokemon off your team for this fight as they are weak against Braviary. You should also avoid using Bug, Grass, Fighting, Ground, or Ghost moves as they are resistant to them.

These are Braviary’s attacks, counters, and weaknesses, as well as Pokemon to avoid using them against them. For more combat help check out some of our others Pokemon GO Leader.

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