Pokemon Go: How to Find Kecleon and Can it Be Shiny?

Kecleon, the stealthy Pokémon, can be difficult to find Pokemon GO, and you may wonder if it can be shiny when you catch it. The rare Pokemon was added in early 2023 and brings all Hoenn Pokemon into play. Getting it will require you to spend a little more time searching, so here’s what you need to know.

How to catch in Pokemon Go

Finding a Kecleon isn’t as easy as catching other Pokémon GO as it does not appear in the wild by accident. instead it hides at PokeStops.

When looking at a PokeStop, you may see an “invisible” Kecleon blending into the background. Its outline as well as its red stripe will still be recognizable. If you try to spin the PokeStop, you’ll also get this message: “There’s an invisible obstacle in your way. It prevents you from collecting items.”

If this happens, tap the Kecleon until it exits the PokeStop. Stay close though, as it will now appear on the nearby map as a Pokemon for you to catch. It may take a moment, so give it some time to appear.

Kecleon can appear on PokeStops you’re not near, which isn’t a bug as previously thought. Due to its rarity, it can take 15 or more stops before one shows up. It also doesn’t appear if the PokeStop has been taken over by Team Rocket.

Can Kecleon be shiny? answered

While Kecleon is rare to find, obtaining a Shiny Kecleon is even rarer. First introduced in Pokemon GO During the Pokemon GO Hoenn Tour Global event in late February 2023, Shiny Kecleon had an increased spawn rate during the event.

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While other Pokemon disabled their Shiny versions after the event, Shiny Kecleon still seems to spawn – but very rarely. So keep your eyes open.

Here’s how to find and catch Kecleon, as well as the information we have on Shiny Kecleon. For more help with catching Pokémon, check out our Pokemon GO Leader.

Featured image via Niantic.

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