Pokemon GO: Popplio Spotlight Hour Event Full Details

Popplio is the water starter Pokémon in Sun and moonand now it’s spotlight hour Pokemon Go. Popplio, the last of the Alola launchers to take the spotlight, will be making more appearances during his Spotlight Hour. Here are the full details.

All the details of the Popplio Spotlight Hour Event

The Popplio Spotlight Hour event will take place on March 28, 2023 between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m

During this hour, Popplio appears more frequently and is more responsive to incense. It also appears at normally inactive spawn points in the game. Double XP will be rewarded during this hour, which is the best time to use any Lucky Eggs you might have.

In addition to the Spotlight Hour event, there are two other events running.

  • Pokemon Go Let’s GO 2023 event
    • Dito has an increased encounter rate and now appears as follows:
      • dilett
      • grim
      • snubbull
      • corphic
      • Starry
      • rye rola
      • Tympolis
      • Smaller
    • Meltan can be Shiny and has an increased chance of finding XXS and XXL Meltan
    • Meltan themed collection challenge
    • Mystery Boxes can be opened more often
    • care Pansear, And pan pouring will appear worldwide
    • Double transfer candies
  • Team GO Rocket takeover
    • shadow regice will be available after using a Super Rocket Radar
    • 2 km strange eggs this contains:
      • larvitar
      • Absolutely
      • crust
      • We’re still
      • Skinny
      • deposit
      • Wullaby
      • your
      • Pancham
      • Scratch
      • salads
    • New Shadow Pokémon:
      • Alola Grimer
      • phanpy
      • Baumko
      • torch
      • drift flea
    • Pokémon rescued from Team GO Rocket Grunts can be Shiny
    • Team Go Rocket leaders have different Pokémon in battle
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While Popplio is the focus of this Spotlight Event hour, there are plenty of other things to keep you entertained about catching the Water-type Pokémon. More tips too Pokemon Go, Check out our guide dex.

Featured image via Niantic.

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