Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC Announced

Nintendo, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company held one Pokemon Today presents a stream that revealed a bunch of new games for different platforms. The biggest news that was revealed was DLC for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. Titled Area Zero’s hidden treasureit seems to follow a similar pattern Pokémon sword And Sign. This will be a two-part DLC pack that expands the game beyond the main story and introduces new Pokémon to catch.

Part One, titled The Teal Mask, is due out this fall and will take players from the Paldea region on a school trip to the land of Kitakami. Once there, they take part in an outdoor study with the local academy to discover new Pokémon in the area. This trip coincides with a local festival held each year in Kitakami, where vendors take to the streets to sell memorabilia.

Part two, titled The Indigo Disk, is planned for the winter and will take players to Blueberry Academy, a sister school of Naranja Academy. There are fewer details about this particular pack, but both parts will be linked together to create a single story. Also around 230 returnees Pokemon from previous games are catchable, increasing the number to 630.

You can currently pre-order the Season Pass from the Nintendo eShop, and you’ll even get a special bonus gift if you do so by October 31, 2023. After purchase, a special code for a Hisuian Zoroark with special properties will be emailed to your email address on record. You have until February 29, 2024 to redeem this code.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet may not be the technically best functioning games in the Pokemon series, but Game Freak is committed to continuing to support it. Hopefully we can expect some performance improvements during this DLC period.

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Featured image via Nintendo.

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