Project Mugetsu Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Quickly

The fastest and most reliable way to level up Roblox Project Mugetsu is to complete quests. You need to know which NPCs give quests that match your current progression level and progressively level up to the max level 80+. Our guide will help you find these NPCs and quests from the easiest to the most difficult so you can level up quickly.

How to level up quickly in Project Mugetsu

Once you start the game, you’ll need to talk to one of the two novice NPCs to choose which of the two races you want to play as. If you want to play as soul Reaperthen you need to talk to kisukeand if you want to play as Hollowyou need to speak aizen. You can find both NPCs in the Urahara Shop.

After that, you can complete the quests listed below in the correct order. If you find an NPC that is at a higher level, you can simply refuse the quest and find the NPC that matches your current level.

All quests of Karakura town

Level 1+

  • “Clean 6 garbage bags within 175 seconds” given by Billy at Garbage Grounds.
  • “Defeat 2 Rogue Shinigami in the area” by Wesir at Karakura Greenfields.
  • “Defeat 5 Rogue Shinigami” by Baloish at Karakura High School.
  • “Defeat 3 Hollows behind the school” by Fahan at Karakura High School.
  • “Defeat 2 Shinigamis and Avenge Painless’ Little Brother” by Painless in the Karakura Neighborhood.
  • “Deliver the Tickets SamTEC Gave You in Short Time” by SamTEC at Karakura Greenfields.
  • “Deliver the Pizza to Ouw0pp” by Zenokei at Karakura Bridges.
  • “Find Artist 3.0’s teddy bear in less than 30 seconds” from Artist 3.0 in Karakura Graveyard.
  • “Defeat 10 Hollows in the Park” by QniiChan in Karakura Park.
  • “Pick up 15 pieces of paper in less than 150 seconds” by Inczsz at Karakura Station.
  • “Find UnrioChief’s phone in less than 85 seconds” by UnrioChief in Karakura Park.
  • “Defeat 3 Renegade Shinigamis” by Tyrio in Karakura Park.
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Level 5+

  • “Defeat 2 Hollows in Ayesha’s Backyard” by Ayesha at Karakura Bridges.
  • “Defeat 3 Hollows blocking Dex’s view” by DexterTR in Karakura Town.

Level 10+

  • “Defeat 7 Hollows at Forest Entrance” by Faciated in Karakura Forest.

Level 35+

  • “Defeat the Menos Grande in the Cave” by Knoxity in the Menos Cave.

Level 45+

  • “Defeat Villain Shinigami with Shikai” by Altar in Karakura Hospital.

Level 55+

  • “Kill 4 Arrancars” by AnticWRLD in Karakura Park.

Level 65+

  • “Kill 7 Arrancars” by Cykenoo at Karakura High School.

All Hueco Mundo quests

Level 15+

  • “Defeat 4 Hollows” by Fadouudah in Las Noches.

Level 18+

  • “Defeat 7 Hollows” by Shabouba in the Arrancar Zone.

Level 30+

  • “Defeat 3 Adjuchas” by Sammy at the Mountain.

Level 60+

  • “Defeat 4 Vasto Lorde” by Muda in Menos Forest.

Level 75+

  • “Defeat 3 Vasto Lorde” by Kensa at Rib Cage.
  • “Defeat Seven Arrancars” by Lewandowski in the Arrancar Zone.

Level 80+

  • “Defeat Starrk” by Dalu at Rib Cage.
  • “Defeat Arrogante” by Notti in Las Noches.

All Soul City quests

Level 80+

  • “Defeat Byakuya” by Senbu at the waterfall.
  • “Defeat Yamamoto” by Taka in the cave.
  • “Defeat Ichigo” by Leia in the cave.
  • “Defeat Toshiro” by Kounde at the main entrance.
  • “Defeat Gin” by Biscuit at the main entrance.

That’s all you need to know to level up fast Roblox Project Mugetsu ranked. For more information see our robloxHub for related guides.

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