Project Mugetsu Tier List: All Shikai Ranked

Shikai are the main powers for the Soul Reaper class in Roblox Project Mugetsu, and using it is a must if you want to get everything you can out of the classroom. There are currently five Shikai in the game, and our ranking below lists them all for your convenience.

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Project Mugetsu: S-Tier Shikai

Ryūjin Jakka

This Shikai has four moves, two of which are very powerful. The strongest is natural Ryūjin Jakka (V). Note that your Zanpakuto evolution must be at least level 35 if you want to unlock this move.

Ryujin Jakka (V) is an AoE move with a burning effect that lasts for 30 seconds after it is initiated and deals 69.5 damage. This move can also guard break and has a 30 second cooldown.

However, the next best move for this shikai is Hitotsume Nadegiri (X), which is unlocked at level 10. It’s a targeted melee move that deals 42.5 damage with a 5 second afterburn. You can also use it as part of your combos.

The other two moves, Taimatsu (Z) and Ennetsu Jigoku (C), aren’t as strong, but you can still use them in limited situations.

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Project Mugetsu: A-Tier Shikai


Kamishini Shikai is all about sword attacks, so you’ll need to be able to wield a katana for this set of moves. The best of the set is Shoot her dead (V), which requires your zanpakuto evolution to be at least level 35.

Shoot them dead (V) is a powerful forward drive that hits everything in its path. The best part about this move is that it’s unblockable, so find a bunch of enemies and smash them all with this massive attack.

Shunsogeki (C) is another great move similar to Shoot em’ Dead (V). This one here may be blocked, although it is difficult to do. The best way to use this move is to get behind an enemy and initiate them.

The other two moves, Butorenjin (Z) and Senbujin (X) are your basic sword attacks, although the latter can be used as an AoE attack.


This shikai consists of four magical moves that can be very useful in the right situations. Note that all four moves in this set have relatively long cooldowns that can last up to a few minutes.

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Blooming Petals (V) is the strongest move in this set, creating a cloud of senbonzakura petals that cut anything in its path, protecting you from attacks.

Another excellent move is Scatter Spiral (C), which allows you to travel underground unnoticed for a short time. Then you can unexpectedly emerge from the ground and instantly slash your opponents.

The other two moves, Senbonzakura (Z) and Vibrant Bloom (X), are also very useful as they allow you to shoot magic projectiles at your enemies from afar.

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Project Mugetsu: B-Tier Shikai


Ice Magic isn’t as strong as Senbonzakura, but this set of moves has some cool elements that you could definitely use.

Ice Outburst (V) is a very cool move that allows you to block enemy attacks before freezing them for a short time. This move has a chance to surprise your enemies.

Ice Clone (C) is another interesting move that allows you to create a clone of yourself that you can use to lure and confuse enemies. They often attack the clone, turning their backs on you and leaving them open to surprise attacks. Note that this move can only be used if you have been stunned.

Ice Spikes (Z) and Ice Traps (C) are two generic moves that let you just leave ice traps and ice spikes on the ground.


Zangetsu is the first sword you get when you unlock Shikai at character level 15 and meditation level 20.

The best Zangetsu move is Getsuga Tensho (V), which emits a massive wave of blue energy that hits all enemies in its path. This move can also break enemies out of cover.

Tenbu Renjin (C) Movement creates a series of rapid slashes that can also act as a shield against enemy attacks. Although it’s the only attack in the Zangetsu set that can’t break cover, you can use it to deflect incoming projectiles.

Engetsuzan (Z) and Getsuga Burst (X) are simple but effective attacks with a relatively short cooldown.

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These are the best shikai in Roblox Project Mugetsu ranked. For more information see our robloxHub for related guides.

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