Ragnanrok Origin: How to Increase Your Divine Power

If you want to reach the top Ragnarok origin Leaderboards, then you need to increase your Divine Power, which is a combination of various stats that improve through battle. The more of these values ​​you can increase, the higher your performance level. Below we go through all the ways to boost your performance.

How to increase performance in Ragnarok Origin

character stats

The first thing you have to do is increase your character stats by tapping on yours character icon in the top left corner of the screen. The list of stats you can improve includes:

  • Strength
  • agility
  • vitality
  • intelligence
  • skill
  • Luck

experience points

If you on “capabilities” icon on the home screen, you will see a skill tree for your character. Each time you increase your skill level, your power grows as well. There are four skill trees available, including:

  • General Skills
  • 1. Job Skills
  • 2. Job Skills
  • 2. Job Advanced Skills

gear steps

Tap the “Backpack” icon on the home screen to see all your gear. Tap on any equipped piece of gear and you will see its level. The higher the gear level, the more power you have.

It is recommended to upgrade your gear to level 50 for the best results. Most of your gear comes from blueprints you earn in the dungeon runs, and gear rarity also affects your power level.

gearbox modifications

You can also upgrade your equipment and weapons Ragnarok origin with skills you unlock in the skill tree and easily add those skills to your loadout.

You can also refine your equipment by tapping it and using the “refine” button, making it stronger. This requires Elunium.

forge items

During your daily quests, you collect a huge number of items that are used to craft items in the “Wrought” menu. This action will also improve your stats and power level.

If you want to craft a specific item for your build but can’t find the right materials, you can use Zeny or Eden Coins to buy them.

map level

If you on “cards” icon you can see all your cards. You can make two improvements to your cards:

Both should be done to reach a higher power level, as different cards affect different character stats.

pet levels

Your personal pets and their individual skill trees are in the “Backpack“Menu Under The”domestic animal” Tab. If you want pets to increase your Divine Power, you must use them by clicking “Insert” button.

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If you want your undeployed pets to increase your power, you must promote them by clicking “Financial support” button. Additionally, you can train your companions by pressing the “statistics” and spend Spirit Dew to improve their stats through training.

Last but not least, your pets can also be equipped with gear that works in the same way as your character’s gear, which you can level up and craft rarer items to gain even more divine power.

mount levels

Similar to pets, you can also level up your mounts by following these steps:

  1. Tap the “mount” icon on the home screen.
  2. Tap the level icon your mount.
  3. Choose “style level“Tab.

titles and emblems

In the “title” menu you can upgrade your title from Star Forger 1 to Star Forger 6. Each new title and emblem improves your passive skills and you gain more power in the process.

Valkyrie Feathers

Each class can be outfitted with a set of Valkyrie Feathers that enhance your character stats. You can go for even more power in the “Feather” Menu, but also the rarity of the equipped feathers is important, just like with the equipment.


This option becomes available once you reach level 50. In this case, tap “medal” screen to start unlocking medals with Eden Coins. Medals greatly improve your stats, and you can also improve them by increasing your reputation, which can be earned from daily commissions.

You can also purchase the Kafra VIP card from the in-game shop, which effectively doubles all your earned Fame and Reputation points.

monster research

Many Ragnarok origin Players may not know this, but researching monsters can be very beneficial to your power level. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tap the “guide” icon on the home screen.
  2. Choose “Monster Archive“Tab.
  3. Tap the “details” button on a selected monster.
  4. Choose “Monster research level” to improve a certain value.

fashion level

In the “Wardrobe” menu, you can select and upgrade various clothing items that also add points to your stats. Choose specific fashion items that will complement your character build for more efficient power growth.

That’s all you need to know to increase your divine power Ragnarok origin. Get out there now and dominate the leaderboards!

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