Redfall: All Missing Doll Locations

Come in early redfall, your quest for weaknesses to use against the vampire leaders leads you to the crumbling wreckage of the Addison Estate. Once inside, you will encounter a puzzle that requires you to find three dolls hidden in the mansion. Here you will find the missing doll positions to solve the puzzle.

Where to find the missing dolls in Redfall

The main story mission “The House of Echoes” sends you to the Addison Mansion in southern Sedgewick. You’ll find this to be one of the most heavily guarded locations in Redfall, with multiple vampires covering the air, multiple guardians on the rooftop, and a few cultists just covering their bases.

This is a tough target for a direct attack, especially if you’re playing solo, but there are a number of quieter ways to get in, such as picking the lock on the back door.

Once inside, look for the ruined office on the first floor where you’ll find Amelia’s room key. Use this on one of the locked doors on the second floor of the mansion.

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There you will find the dollhouse puzzle with the file Amelia’s story Besides. The note provides clues for each of the missing doll locations, and your next step is to find Lucy, Tina, and Bella scattered around the property.

You can pick up some or all of the dolls before you’ve been to Amelia’s room, and you’ve probably found at least one by now, depending on the route you took to the mansion.

How to find Lucy

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Lucyas Amelia’s story suggests, is in the kitchen, though someone stabbed her.

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How to find Tina

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Tine Located in the attic of the mansion, in Amelia’s old playroom. you will need them loft key to get there, which are located in the master bedroom of the mansion on the second floor.

How to find Bella

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bella Located in the Mansion Greenhouse, on top of one of the planters in the center. Like the mansion itself, you can quietly enter through one of its open windows.

When you have all three dolls, return to Amelia’s room and place them appropriately to begin the next phase of the mission.

There you will find all three missing dolls redfall to solve the dollhouse puzzle in the Addison Estate. For more tips and tricks see our committed redfall leads hub.

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