Resident Evil 4 Costumes Unlock Guide

As you’d expect, there are a few different costumes that you can unlock Resident Evil 4 make new by playing the game. One in particular, the suit of armor for Ashley, should pique your interest as it makes her invulnerable. But the others are nice. Here’s how to make each costume RE4 make new.

How to unlock every outfit in Resident Evil 4 Remake

There are six unlockable costumes RE4: three for Leon and three for Ashley. None of the available digs for Leon have any gameplay effects, but neither does a single costume available to Ashley provided you meet the requirements.

Unlockable Leon costumes

All three of these outfits are unlocked by beating the game on any difficulty.

Unlockable Ashley costumes

You only have to play through the game once to unlock these two outfits for Ashley in the CP shop.

The armor outfit for Ashley is the one that you should put a little more effort into, especially if you intend to play the game more than once. Of course, that’s the only way to get it.

Known as Knight Armor by fans of the original 2005 version Resident Evil 4, the armor costume makes Ashley completely impervious to enemy attacks. It will no longer be disabled or dragged away – it will be immobile armor. However, we haven’t tested if she can take one Infinite Rocket Launcher shot in the face with his armor still on.

The DLC costumes for the Resident Evil 4 Remakes are nice, but actually earning cosmetics is a lot more rewarding. However, the villain DLC costume filter has an interesting function Devil May Cry Mood. Check out our others instructions for the Resident Evil 4 make new here on GameSkinny

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