Resident Evil 4 Demo: Where to Find the Shotgun

You will need the shotgun if you plan on killing the chainsaw man in the house Resident Evil 4 Demo. could you kill him without him Probably. Do you want to? If you are a masochist. If you’ve never played before, you might not even notice the location of the shotgun Resident Evil 4but it’s easier to find than you might think.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Shotgun location

Maybe you’ve already barricaded yourself in this house, maybe not! Either way, you’ll need to go in here to get the shotgun.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Head up the stairs and you’ll find the shotgun hanging on the wall. You can just grab it and move on, but you’ll have to search the entire village to stock up on shotgun ammo.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

When you grab the shotgun Kill the chainsaw man (You are), watch out for the grenade in the closet right next to the shotgun, as pictured above. Make sure to grab that too while you’re at it.

The chainsaw demo doesn’t last long, just up to the bell (so about 10 minutes), but it lasts long enough to kill the chainsaw man and then some. Assuming you have the shotgun anyway and how do you know where to get it. Check out more of our upcoming ones Resident Evil 4 Leader on GameSkinny.

Recommended screenshot from GameSkinny

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