Resident Evil 4 Remake: Best Weapon Upgrades Guide

Have the best weapon upgrades Resident Evil 4 Remake can make all the difference when playing through the campaign, especially on higher difficulties. There are over a dozen weapons to choose from RE4 make new. Of course, you’ll only use a few, perhaps due to their overall damage or reliability.

However, if you’re ever wondering which ones to focus on for your first campaign run, we have a few tips for you below. Here’s our guide to the best weapon upgrades to get in first Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Best weapon upgrades to come 1st in RE4 Remake

If we talk about the best weapon upgrades in Resident Evil 4 Remakethere are a few things to note:

  • weapon availability — When is a weapon first available?
  • viability of the weapon — How often should a weapon be used in general?
  • Exclusive benefit — Is it a weapon that levels up for its unique advantage? And should the Exclusive Upgrade Ticket be used for this or another weapon?

Here are the best weapon upgrades you should get first Resident Evil 4 make new. Once you have those, you can work on other options that work best for your playstyle.

Priority Upgrade #1: Combat Knife -> Primal Knife

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Make no mistake: the combat knife It The best weapon upgrade in the RE4 Remake because of its versatility and how often you will use it. All knives, including those that are broken or lost, can be used to backstab, slash, and parry. There’s even a trophy and achievement for kill a Garrador with a knife.

However, the Combat Knife is available from the start, which means you’ll want to improve its durability and performance right away. Also, make sure to repair it regularly as well.

Much later in the Resident Evil 4 Remake campaign you get the combat knife. Definitely don’t bother getting the unique perks for both. Instead, try to destroy all 16 Clockwork Castellans to unlock the Primal Knife. Once you have the Primal Knife, you get its unique perk make indestructibleand you’ll never need another melee weapon again.

Priority Upgrade #2: Red9 or Blacktail

With reference to Handgun rankingThe Red9 And Blacktail are at the head of the pack. The former for his stopping power, held back only by his shot grouping, and the latter for his great stats across the board.

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Depending on which one you’re more comfortable with, you can opt for a full upgrade, although you may want to defer to get its unique perk. However, if you prefer the standard handguns, we have a detailed breakdown in our SG-09R versus Sentinel Nine guide.

Priority Upgrade #3: Riot Gun or Striker

Screenshot of GameSkinny

As for the shotguns with the best weapon upgrades Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can’t go wrong with either one Riot weapon or striker (Sorry, W-870). The Riot Gun offers massive damage output with tighter shot grouping, perfect for blasting enemies with pellets.

The Striker, on the other hand, has lower power but higher ammo capacity and rate of fire. However, in most close quarters situations, the Riot Gun will pull ahead due to its DPS, so keep that in mind when choosing upgrades.

Priority Upgrade #4: Chicago Sweeper

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We’ve outlined some of the steps to get the Chicago Sweeper into ours Unparalleled Agent/Pro Difficulty Guide. Basically you should do a few runs for this one (i.e. your first campaign followed by a New Game+ run). This is to ensure that you have amassed at least 2 million gold for the Infinite Rocket Launcher.

From there, you should do another New Game+ run, this time on Professional difficulty. With the Infinite Rocket Launcher and a few other weapons, you should be able to complete the campaign in under seven hours, leading to an A rank and that Chicago Sweeper.

After that, you should do a new run on the “Professional” difficulty level. Along the way, be sure to use the exclusive Chicago Sweeper Upgrade Ticket to unlock its unique perk: infinite ammo. This is one of the best weapon upgrades in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The end goal for this particular attempt is to complete the campaign within five and a half hours and with fewer than 15 manual saves. This gets you an S+ rank as well as the Accessories for cat earswho provides Unlimited ammo for all non-missile weapons.

These are the best RE4 Weapon upgrades to focus on first to maximize your campaign runs, whether you play just once or multiple times. You can find more tips in our Resident Evil 4 instructions page got you covered.

Recommended screenshot from GameSkinny.

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