Resident Evil 4 Remake: Can You Kill the Chainsaw Guy?

Chainsaw Guy is one of them Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s numerous enemies to contend with. He’s also one that might scare you at the beginning of the game as soon as he spawns. Luckily, you should have the means to eliminate him and his cohorts. Here is our RE4 reissue Guide to help you kill the Chainsaw Guy.

How to kill the chainsaw guy in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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So can you kill the chainsaw guy in? RE4 reissue? Yes you can. Also known as Doctor Salvador, Chainsaw Man, and Chainsaw Villager, this enemy first appears in the village square, either when you try to barricade the inside of a house or when you go through an alley on the right.

Technically, you don’t have to kill him (or anyone else) in this first stage. That’s because an internal timer counts down until the church bell rings and all infected leave.

But if you want to eliminate him, take him W870 shotgun. It is on the second floor of the two-story house on the left. From there, you can use the narrow streets and rooftops to your advantage, sneaking in your opponents and blasting them at point-blank range.

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When the Chainsaw Man is stunned, you can run to him and perform a roundhouse kick or stabbing for extra damage. Additionally, the Chainsaw Guy’s attacks will tear other enemies apart as he starts swinging his weapon. Just watch out because Leon could get torn apart too.

If you kill the Chainsaw Guy inside Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can pick up an emerald. This is a gem that can be slotted into valuable treasures to increase their selling price.

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RE4 Remake: Cheesing the Other Chainsaw Guy and Chainsaw Twins Encounters

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The Resident Evil 4 Remake also features other Chainsaw Guy encounters, and these can be cheesed.

For example, after exiting the factory (where you first meet Luis), a chainsaw man will appear on the forest path. You can lure him back to the gate at the merchant. By going back and forth between these area entrances, you can trick the enemy AI and make them more vulnerable to potshots.

Later in the game, Leon meets Ashley and the two reach a valley with a structure. The Bella Sisters, also known as the Chainsaw Twins, will perform there. And, much like the popular Bella Twins in WWE, you can see but you can’t touch because they’ll cut you to pieces in melee combat.

Instead, you should return to the area’s entrance path to confuse them. As usual, these special infected or elites will drop important items or valuable gems.

And that answers whether you can kill the Chainsaw Guy in it RE4 reissue. You can find more tips in our Resident Evil 4 Remake instructions page.

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