Resident Evil 4 Remake: Capacity Compliance Achievement and Trophy Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Capacity Compliance Achievement and Trophy Challenge that take place during Chapter 12. It requires you to reach the top of the clock tower without the elevator stopping once. The elevator will stop if an enemy stays on it for more than a second or two, making for a fairly frantic encounter. Here’s how to complete this challenge RE4 reissue and get the achievement or trophy.

How to complete capacity compliance in RE4 Remake

Prepare for capacity compliance

Before you start Resident Evil 4 Remake Capacity Compliance Challenge for Achievement and Trophy, you should be well prepared. Ideally you should Clear the main clock tower area first. This includes taking out cultists, dodging the fire-breathing Salazar statue, and dropping a spiked ball that rolls over the remaining enemies.

Once you have collected all the loot, Don’t interact with the lever on the lift yet. Instead you will want it Go back to the Merchant Hub in the previous area with the gondola.

You must bring a sidearm (ex Red9 or Magnum), shotgun (e.g. Striker) and an automatic weapon (e.g. CQBR assault rifle or the TMP).

It is imperative you keep a manual save Here. This allows you to reload in case you fail the challenge. Likewise, the elevator ride is a point of no return, preventing you from going back to earlier areas of the castle (in case you need to pick up other stuff).

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Ride the elevator to the top of the clock tower

Once you pull the lever to ride the lift, it’s time to start the lift RE 4 reissue Capacity Compliance Challenge for Achievement and Trophy. You need to deal with:

  • cattle shaman
  • cultists
  • Explosive Barrels
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A Ganado Shaman will appear, which you can quickly kill if you have enough Rifle Ammo left. Otherwise, you’ll have to cancel his chant to prevent tentacle parasites from popping out of the cultists’ heads, making them harder to kill.

From there, watch out for crossbowmen and explosive barrels. The former will annoy you by bombarding you with bolts and ruining your aim. The latter, meanwhile, can be used to blow up cultists standing close together. You should wait until the last moment before jumping to maximize casualties.

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Halfway through the elevator ride in Capacity Compliance, you’ll notice some enemies jumping right onto the elevator. This is where your shotgun comes in; blast them instantly for a quick kill. Another shaman may also appear, meaning you’ll have to rely on your automatic weapon.

Eventually there will be additional enemies that will climb structures before jumping down. You can shoot them while climbing to prevent them from reaching you. Once you get to the top, wait a few seconds to see if there are still a few enemies moving and take them out if they are.

With any luck you should be able to do it Resident Evil 4 Remake Capacity Compliance Challenge for Achievement or Trophy. After completing your goal, make sure you pause the game and check the challenges menu to see if you were able to unlock it. For more, Visit our RE4 Guides Hub.

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