Resident Evil 4 Remake Church Puzzle Stained Glass Solution Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Church puzzle with stained glass returns in the remake of the game. Still located in the village, there are some differences between this version and the previous version, which makes the solution a little bit different. This is not a one-to-one recovery. In fact, this variant is the RE4 Puzzle is significantly more difficult.

However, you must solve the church puzzle with the stained glass to unlock access to the upper level of the church where Ashley is being held. Here’s the solution.

How to solve the church puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Inside the church, go down the path to the right of the altar to find it blue dial. Take it to the altar and place it in its slot to activate the puzzle.

The key to solving the Resident Evil 4 The Bunt class puzzle ensures that none of the colors overlap, but that the symbol you create overlaps correctly with the gold badge in the middle.

Here is the order in which you should turn the knobs:

First turn the green knob to the right just for a few seconds. Look at the very top of the badge until a notch in the green stained glass pattern lines up perfectly with the top of the badge.

Now Turn the red knob To the right until there is no overlap between green and red. This takes a few seconds longer than the first choice.

Now Turn the blue dial to the right until there is no more overlap. This will eventually slide into place and the pattern will match the insignia, solving the puzzle and opening the gateway to Ashley.

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How to solve the church riddle in the Resident Evil 4 remake, by transforming the shards of stained glass into the correct insignia. For more puzzle walkthroughs and others RE4 reissue Tips and tricks, visit our Guides Hub for the game.

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