Resident Evil 4 Remake Crystal Marble and Padlock Puzzles Solution Guide

Both the Crystal Marble puzzle and the accompanying Padlock puzzle are new to the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The former is similar to the orb puzzle from the original game, but you need the padlock combo to get the marble itself.

In the following guide you will learn how to solve the padlock puzzle to get the marble and then how to solve the Crystal Marble puzzle to continue.

How to solve the crystal marble padlock puzzle

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On the way to the lake you will come to a House that has two floors. Go to the second floor to find a door with a circular indentation in it across from a typewriter on the second floor. You can find one here titled note Illuminated 4:3.

Go back to the first floor where you will find a Padlocked wardrobe on it. There are three slots on the padlock with rotating symbols that need to be matched. Before solving the puzzle, read the note you just picked up for the solution. Choose the following:

Place the padlock on the corresponding symbols to open the wardrobe and get the crystal marble. Now run upstairs to use it on the door with the circular indentation.

How to solve the crystal marble puzzle

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We recommend solving the crystal marble puzzle in phases. First get your marbles to line up.

  • From Rotating the Crystal (Using the Left Stick)you can focus the particles.
  • From Spin the Ball (with RB/R1)you can make it appear as a two-dimensional image.
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Rotate the crystal marble by holding down the left stick for a few seconds until you have a particle concentration that looks roughly like an upside down version of the icon. Rotate the crystal to the left to concentrate these marbles into a tighter formation.

Once the icon is formed, rotate the puzzle 180 degrees in either direction and the image will snap once they overlap. If it doesn’t, you can try moving the stick left and right to slightly adjust your image and solve the problem.

How to solve the crystal marble and padlock puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake. For more solutions and others RE4 Guides, visit our hub page for more.

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