Resident Evil 4 Remake: Dining Hall Bell Puzzle Solution Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Remake The dining room puzzle stands in your way to get the snake statue and progress through chapter 8. You’ll also need the snake statue, because it’s one of three sculptures you need to get past the door with the three-headed animal engraved on it.

Here you have Ashley back with you and you need her to help you with this puzzle. In the dining room, You see two tables with different seating settings and a duo of paintings on the opposite wall. All these elements are important to solve the puzzle in this room.

How to solve the puzzle of the bell in the dining room

Screenshot from Gameskiny

With the two paintings on the wall, go to the other end of the dining room. One painting shows a seated woman, the other a man.

The cover of the woman has two knives, a fork, a spoon, an empty glass and two empty plates. Facing the back of the room, it is the back right seat at the first table. Tell Ashley to sit here.

The place setting of the man has three knives, two forks, a spoon, an empty glass next to a large pitcher and a bun on the small plate. Dump Leon on the chair in the back left part of the second table, closest to the painting of the woman.

ring the bell. Ashley rings her bell and the cage with the snake statue opens. Collect your reward.

This is how you solve the riddle of the dining room bell Resident Evil 4 Remake. For more walkthroughs and tips on how to beat this survival horror classic remastered, check out our leads hub.

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