Resident Evil 4 Remake: Electronic Lock Terminal Puzzles Solution

You will come across the Electronic Lock Puzzle Resident Evil 4 Remake while trying to get the key card of the facility on the island. Here you have to send power to two nodes by rotating a series of blocks that rotate and redirect the power to different sections of the grid.

While the Electronic Lock Terminal Puzzle may sound daunting, it’s actually pretty easy. The hard part is remembering it switch current So the puzzle area is up and running. You’ll also need to dodge the Regenaradors – but don’t worry, they won’t interrupt you as you solve the puzzles.

In addition, there are two more (one optional) Electronic Lock Terminal puzzles to solve later on the island. We give you the solution for all three.

How to bypass the Electronic Dissection Lock Terminal

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You’ll find this first terminal marked on your map by the dissection room door. Once you turn on the power, go there to find the puzzle.

By moving the stick you can choose which of the three tiers of boxes you want to select. If you press confirm at any level, all the boxes will be rotated.

You must align the boxes so that current flows into both required nodes and the symbol at the top right reads 2/2.

To release the electronic lock you must Twist the outer layer three times. Then you turn it middle class twice. You don’t need to do anything on the inner layer.

Now lock this by sliding the stick to the right as far as possible and pressing confirm. Once you do this the door will open and you can get your key card.

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How to bypass the freezer electronic lock

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The second Electronic Lock Terminal is in the same area and blocks access to a door in the freezer. This puzzle has five energy nodes and four layers.

To unlock this electronic lock you must Twist the outer layer twice. Then you spin the next one layer twice. And then the next shift three times. Finally, Twist the innermost layer three times and then all nodes light up. Confirm your choice to open the door and get the LE-5 submachine gun.

How to bypass the electronic blocking terminal for waste disposal

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The final electronic lock puzzle is in Chapter 14. You can find it in the Waste Disposal. This terminal has four power nodes and four layers.

To unlock this electronic lock you must Twist the outer layer three times. Next, spin the following also layer three times. For the next layer three turns will do the trick again. Finally, Rotate the innermost layer twice to send power to all four nodes simultaneously. Now you can confirm the solution and open the door to progress.

Follow these instructions and you’ll bypass all three Electronic Lock Terminal puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake Oops hop. For more puzzle tips and other survival horror game help, check out our Guides Hub for the game.

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