Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock Puzzle Solution Guide

During the grandfather clock puzzle in Chapter 9 of Resident Evil 4 make new, You have to play as Ashley and save a trapped Leon. This can be a confusing puzzle as there is hardly any direction given and the solution varies depending on your playthroughs. Here’s where to find the tenses and how to solve them.

How to solve grandfather clock puzzle in RE4 Remake

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After getting the lantern, as Ashley, follow the hallways until you get to the area with the large antique clock door. The clock door is the exit and to open it you have to set it to the correct time. However, the time it takes to do this changes depending on the difficulty level you choose.

How to find the correct time for the grandfather clock puzzle in Chapter 9, go into the library until you find another clock on the second floor. Go to the opposite side of the room to find a desk with a lantern on it. Interact with the note on the table to get the time.

Clock puzzle solving times

  • For Assisted or Standard difficulty, the time is 11:04.
  • For hardcore or pro difficulty, this is 7:00 am.

These times work on both grandfather clocks in Ashley’s section of Chapter 9, and the keychain you picked up along the way is used on the treasure chest in the mausoleum. It’s now possible to jump straight to the mausoleum with the times, although you’ll miss the chest without the keychain.

And this is how you solve the grandfather clock puzzle in RE4 make new. If you are looking for information Resident Evil 4 riddle of remake, Keep visiting our how-to page.

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