Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get Infinite Ammo

Have infinite ammo in it Resident Evil 4 remake means you never have to worry about how many bullets it takes kill the chainsaw guy or any other enemy you face. While it can trivialize a first playthrough, unlimited ammo can spice up subsequent playthroughs in New Game+.

Most methods to unlock infinite ammo RE4 Remake involves completing increasingly difficult challenges. Even then, you only get one Bottomless Mag in a single bonus weapon unlocked.

There is one exception: the cat ears, which give every standard weapon (except the Rocket Launcher) infinite ammo. Here’s how to get all these unlocks.

How to unlock infinite ammo in RE4 Remake

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This is how you get the original knife with infinite durability

The Primal Knife is a blade of infinite durability – it will never break no matter how many enemies you slash with it. The challenge that comes with it is probably the simplest of all infinite ammo quests: just find all 16 Clockwork Castellans throughout the game, and it’s yours.

How to get Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher

To get the Infinite Missile Rocket Launcher, start a new run with your completed save (NG+) and then go to any vendor booth. He will sell it for the modest price of 2 million pesetas. Since the rocket launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the prize could be worth the time it takes to collect all those funds.

How to get the hand cannon with infinite ammo

In order to get the hand cannon, you must first complete the entire game. Then you’ll have to beat the grueling Pro difficulty without using any bonus weapons. You can use your completed save to do this, and while you can’t get an S+ rank for it, you have all of your gear from the first campaign at your disposal to help you along.

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How to get the Infinite Ammo Chicago Sweeper

You can earn the Chicago Sweeper during your hand cannon playthrough, as “all” you have to do is complete a professional playthrough with an A ranking. The only limitation is that you must complete the game in less than seven hours.

Not too difficult a task for professional skill levels, but certainly not easy either. There is no bonus gear limit in this challenge. So if you want, you can jump into NG+ with a Primal Knife and an Infinite Rocket Launcher and blast your way free.

How to get the cat ears

Here lies the real challenge. To get the cat ears in Resident Evil 4 To earn Remake and infinite ammo for every weapon other than the standard rocket launcher, you must complete Pro Mode with an S+ rank. To do this, you must complete the campaign in less than five and a half hours while using 15 or less memory.

This time is doable if you play optimally, only kill what you need to kill, beat bosses quickly, and be smart with your upgrades and inventory. A few mistakes will cost you, however, and if you fail the last hurdle, you’ll have to do it all over again.

Get unlimited ammo Resident Evil 4 Remake is not the easiest task. Depending on how far you want to take it, this can be one of the hardest challenges. Check out our guides to learn more about some of the game’s other less demanding tasks The Treasury Sword Puzzle Solution, Where can I find the golden chicken egg?And how to skip the entire opening village fight. Our RE4 leads hub has more.

Featured image via Capcom.

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