Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get Red9 Handgun

The Red9 pistol is a favorite of Resident Evil 4 fans, so it makes sense that it would return to the make new. It is the most powerful handgun – not magnum – the game in terms of pure damage output. With that in mind, you want to know where the location is RE4 reissueas well as the share.

Combining the gun with the Red9 stock means you have a stable, high-damage weapon with a large magazine as your primary Ganado defense. So where do you find the Red9? Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Unlike a large majority of the guns you will get Resident Evil 4 Remake, The Red9 pistol cannot be purchased from the merchant. You must find this weapon hiding in Chapter 4.

Location of the Red9 pistol in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The most convenient time to pick up Red9 is also the first time it appears in Chapter 4.

In Chapter 4 you have access to a boat to cross the lake in a more exploration-heavy segment of the game. When you’re out on the open water Go to the middle of the lakewhere you find a small shipwreck. You can stop there and dock your boat to jump on board.

From here, go to the Boat control room, where you will see a treasure. Take this treasure or ignore it and go around to the in front of the boat and quickly turn around to see a special decorative blue treasure chest.

Open the treasure chest to find the Red9 pistol inside. Make sure you have space in your inventory or you’ll have to move some items around to make this gun fit in your case.

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How to get Red9 stock

The Red9 is a good pistol without the stock, but this add-on is definitely worth the price and the space it takes up in your inventory. You can get the Red9 stick from Trade with the dealer. Red9 shares cost 9?? Spinels, the exclusive currency for trading the character RE4 reissue. The main means of obtaining Spinels is by completing blue requirement note side quests.

Follow these steps to introduce the Red9 pistol Resident Evil 4 Remake and the related essay. For more RE4 reissue Check out our tips and strategies leads hub.

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