Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get the Bolt Thrower

The Resident Evil 4 remake offers players a wide variety of weapons, most of which will be fondly remembered by fans of the original 2004 title. One weapon that will be new to everyone is the Bolt Thrower. It certainly has some ties to another old favorite, but the primary way it’s used is unlike anything else. Here’s what you need to know to get the Bolt Thrower in the game Resident Evil 4 remake.

What is the Bolt Thrower in RE4?

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Stealth is a viable option in the remake, and the new Bolt Thrower can complement the playstyle nicely. This crossbow-like weapon fires physical bolts and allows for quiet kills. Though it’s on the weaker side and has a slow rate of fire, everything is offset by the versatility it brings to the table.

The unique thing about it is that the bolts can be picked up again after firing. Any bolts you shoot at an enemy can be retrieved once they die, and any that make contact with the environment can be restored to the same spot. As long as they aren’t sent somewhere far out of your reach, you can reuse the same ammo repeatedly.

Another way to use it is with clip-on refills. These bolts act like proximity explosives, making them understandably irretrievable. They can be shot directly at enemies or placed in the environment as traps.

Fans might put two and two together with this finding being the original Resident Evil 4 had a weapon called the Mine Thrower. This weapon has essentially been compiled into the new Bolt Thrower. Whether you seek tranquility or want to cause explosions, nothing else is quite as adaptable.

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How to get the Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The Bolt Thrower must be purchased from the merchant. It’s one of the first items he offers, and he’ll already have one in stock when you first meet him at the start of Chapter 2. He’s hard to miss as there’s a small cutscene that shows him off briefly, and his first shop is right in front of the Abandoned Factory, which you’ll exit.

Not to mention he won’t take it out of his offers until it’s yours. Even if you don’t buy the Bolt Thrower now, you have the opportunity to do so every time you visit his store.

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It takes up 2×4 space in your briefcase and usually costs 10,000 pesetas. Unless you’ve been actively avoiding and running past as many enemies as possible, there’s a good chance you’ve got enough to buy it. Any treasures you have can probably make the difference too.

If you’re saving some money or just want to try the SR M1903 rifle first, waiting might be the best idea. The vendor is offering the Bolt Thrower as a limited-time Chapter 3 sale. The purchase will then only cost you 8,000 pesetas instead.

That’s all you need to know to get the Bolt Thrower in the game Resident Evil 4 remake. If you are interested in how to acquire other weapons e.g. B. the potentially free one Red9 pistolor just need help with the many riddles, find the answers with ours Resident Evil 4 remake Leader.

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