Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Solve the Cave Shrine Dial Puzzles

Resident Evil 4 Remake has two digit puzzles to solve in Chapter 4 before being able to obtain the insignia needed to enter the church and rescue Ashley. You can solve the Small Cave and Big Cave Shrine digit puzzles in any order, but they must be completed before you can continue.

This entire section of Chapter 4 is brand new for Resident Evil 4 Remakebut these dialing puzzles are callbacks to the original RE4. You must solve each of these to gain access to the stone heads they hide. Once you’ve obtained each of the heads, you can return to the wall cave to put them in place to get the insignia. How to solve the cave shrine puzzles.

Small Cave Shrine Dial Puzzle Solution

Screenshot from Gameskiny

The Small Cave Shrine is located in the upper northeast corner of the lake. There you will find a small cave with a hut containing a digit puzzle (and luckily no enemies). The puzzle has eight dials, three of which you must interact with to find the solution.

Look for several yellow markers on the hut walls and the cave walls. These markings tell you which of the three dials to press to open the door.

The screenshot above provides the solution to the puzzle, but if you go clockwise starting with the top center (12 o’clock) switch, press:

  • The fourth, sixth and seventh dial.
    • The fourth dial has three icons and is located in the lower right corner.
    • The sixth dial has a series of three squiggly lines and is located in the lower left corner.
    • The seventh dial is above the sixth and has a curved line on it that looks a bit like a bird.
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Hitting these switches in the correct order will solve the puzzle and open the door to the cage where you can now pick up the first of two stone heads.

Puzzle solution for the great cave shrine

Screenshot from Gameskiny

To get to the Great Cave Shrine dial puzzle in the Great Cave Shrine, you must fight your way through a horde of Ganados.

Make your way through this section (and don’t forget to unlock the shortcut back to your boat) and fight your way through the enemies until you reach the ladder that leads to the area with the puzzle. Even if you haven’t finished off all the Ganados in the area, bringing up the puzzle screen will pause the action.

This solution to the cave puzzle also requires pressing circular switches. Here is the combination (also shown in the image above):

  • Start with the top middle dial at 12 o’clock.
  • Press the dials on either side of it.
  • Press the dial just below at the bottom (6 o’clock).

Once you’ve pressed each of these buttons, the door will open and you can grab the second stone head.

How to solve the cave shrine puzzles in chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Now you can return to the wall cave and get the insignia that will let you into the church. If you need to know how to solve the riddle in the church or any of the others in it Resident Evil 4 Remakego to our instructions page.

Featured image by Gameskinny.

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