Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Unlocks and Rewards Guide

mercenary mode in Resident Evil 4 make new will have you battling a near-endless tide of infected Ganados while increasing your score. While there are no new achievements or trophies for this mode, you can still unlock some extras, including a powerful weapon. We’ll go through everything RE4 Remake is unlocked, from characters to the hand cannon.

How to Unlock RE4 Remake Mercenaries Rewards

How to get extra characters

By default, only Leon Kennedy is available to start. However, you will unlock more characters once you complete a stage with at least an A rank (100,000 points) on the previous character. This is how it breaks down:

  • How to unlock Luis: Complete any stage with Leon (A rank).
  • How to unlock Krauser: Complete any stage with Luis (A rank).
  • How to unlock Hunk: Complete any stage with Krauser (A rank).

How to unlock more mercenary tiers

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The three levels in Mercenary mode are unlocked in sequence. The village is available by default and once you finish a run you can choose the castle. After clearing the castle you will unlock the island. We have level specific tips in our Mercenary mode map strategy guide.

How to get the hand cannon in Mercenary mode

Originally that was the only way Get the hand cannon was through several campaign clears:

  • Beat the game once to unlock professional difficulty.
  • Complete Pro difficulty on a new run (not New Game+) without using bonus weapons (ie Infinite Rocket LauncherPrimal Knife or Chicago Sweeper).

This is a major ordeal in and of itself, as the professional difficulty setting is the toughest challenge yet. Although we have Tips on how to overcome the professional level of difficultyThere is now an alternative method to unlock the hand cannon.

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You can get the hand cannon via RE4 Mercenary mode, all you have to do is Get an S rank in all three phaseswhich corresponds to at least a score of 200,000.

Once you’ve done this, the hand cannon will appear in the Bonuses -> Extra Content Shop menu and you can purchase it for 1,000 Completion Points. Once you’ve loaded your campaign, you should find it ready to use in the Typewriter’s Storage tab.

These are all Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries unlocks for you to get your hands on. Once fully upgraded, the hand cannon is the most powerful normal firearm in the game, and its exclusive perk grants the weapon infinite ammo. If you need additional help, you can check out our S++ Mercenary Rank Guide.

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