Resident Evil 4 Remake Never Heard It Coming Trophy and Achievement Guide

The Never Heard It Coming trophy and achievement in Resident Evil 4 make new presents a daunting task that some players have completely overlooked. To unlock it you need to kill a Garrador using only knives. That’s a tall order for one of the fiercest enemies you’ll encounter, but there’s a trick to making it easier.

How to get Never Heard It Coming trophy and achievement in RE4 Remake

There is more than one encounter with the Garrador in RE4 Remake, but the first encounter is the best place to unlock the trophy and Never Heard It’s Coming achievement. That means you aim to unlock it in the Dungeons section along the way Chapter 7.

you will start to see boot knife from enemies in the castle chapters, and the Plaga Mandíbula enemy introduced at the start of Chapter 7 will also drop one. Hold on to what you find.

Once you’ve gone through the castle gate and eliminated the enemies in the Audience Chamber, visit the nearby merchant and repair any damage to yours combat knife. You can increase durability if you haven’t already and increase damage, although any disposable knives should suffice for this challenge on standard difficulty.

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This fight starts very soon after you go into the dungeons and get them dungeon key from the corpse. Once you’ve picked up the key, turn around and a cutscene will begin introducing the Garrador.

The gimmick of this ferocious monster is that it cannot see and uses its hearing to attack. Leon will mention this and automatically crouch to indicate that it’s best to be quiet.

How to defeat the garrador with only knives because you never heard it coming

This is where you start the challenge for Never Heard It Coming. Head left out of the room and you’ll see a bunch of chains hanging from the ceiling. No matter what you do here, the garrador will trigger and begin to disengage from its restraints as you get close to the chains. Don’t duck – run.

In the next room you enter, the fight takes place. Get back into a crouch and go to the side of the door. The Garrador will charge in before stopping to listen to you.

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Your basic strategy is to sneak up behind him repeatedly and press the button prompt to stab him in the back where a Plaga can be seen.

Each successful stab will cause the Garrador to claw its claws wildly for a while, and you’ll need to retreat once you’ve stabbed it. He can run and attack afterwards, so make sure to keep some distance if he runs at you.

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It should only take 5-6 stabs on standard difficulty to kill the Garrador with just knives and get the trophy and Never Saw It Coming achievement.

Important Garrador combat tips

As easy as killing the Garrador with just knives sounds, it’s important to break down some key aspects of this fight and the Garrador’s behavior. The main tip is that patience and preparation will make the Never Heard It Coming trophy and achievement an easy unlock.

Understanding what will catch his attention is crucial. The following will trigger it:

  • Operation
  • Walk in chains
  • Breaking one of the two vases
  • shots

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Only if you run into the chains will he come towards you. If you move in while crouching, there is no reaction at all. First, consider staying in a crouch until you get used to the space and remember where the chains are.

Chains can be used to your advantage. Get in a chain or take a short run to have the garrador come to you. He’ll swing wildly, but it’s a good way to put this enemy in a more advantageous position.

If you try to stab him while his back is to a corner or a wooden panel, you may not have enough room to dodge his slashes.

Garrador’s behavior becomes more erratic as he takes more damage. Instead of just walking around and giving you ample opportunity to stab him, he will start swinging his arms around at random in hopes of cutting you.

The wooden panels can break very easily, so don’t rely on them for protection. Keep your distance and approach him as soon as he starts moving or if there is a few seconds when he doesn’t attack. It can be difficult to judge when it is safe to approach, but these are the best times.

While you can fight the Garrador and remain crouched the entire time, its slower movement speed increases the chances of it catching you with a random attack. If you start getting hit before you can stab him, you probably have a better chance if you start walking.

Now that you know how to kill the Garrador with just knives you will be sure to add the Never Saw It Coming trophy and achievement to your collection. If you need help with other trophies such as capacity compliance or gun fanaticclick on the links or go to our collection of Resident Evil 4 redo instructions.

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