Resident Evil 4 Remake Peerless Agent Trophy and Achievement Guide

Your courage will be tested when you go after the Resident Evil 4 remake The Peerless Agent Trophy and Achievement. Though danger lurks around every corner of the European landscape, more challenges await once you’re done RE4. Here’s how to achieve one of the most difficult.

How to get the matchless agent trophy and achievement RE4 Make new

The Resident Evil 4 Remake The Peerless Agent trophy and achievement is obtained by completing the main story on Professional difficulty. But in order to even unlock the professional difficulty, you need to complete the game once on one of the three standard difficulties:

  • Supports
  • default
  • hardcore

Beating the game on any of these difficulties will unlock Pro Mode and New Game+.

To be clear, Pro mode presents the toughest challenges yet. You’ll fight stronger enemies with one-hit attacks while searching for very limited resources and ammo. Luckily, the whole process is simplified if you prepare beforehand.

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RE4 tips and strategies for professional mode

Your first campaign run in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Your first run through the Resident Evil 4 Remake Campaign should be the most memorable and time consuming. Not only will you see the remake through new eyes, but you’ll also be able to amass loads of gold and resources.

Here is your checklist at this stage:

  • Collect treasure, gems and spinels. If you own them Extended Treasure Map DLCfind additional valuables that are not usually part of specific areas.
  • destroy all Clockwork Castilian to unlock the Primal Knife as a bonus weapon. You can then purchase an exclusive upgrade ticket from the merchant that costs 30 to 40 Spinels to unlock the Primal Knife indestructible perk.
  • Certain charms from the shooting gallery can help provide boosts, including those that increase the selling price of weapons that are more valuable with each subsequent upgrade.

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Your first new Game+ run

After the first clear, New Game+ and Professional mode should be unlocked. You could be one step closer to that Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy and achievement of the matchless agent, but don’t jump into pro mode just yet. Instead, you should do another run at a lower difficulty, preferably hardcore.

Here is some advice for this run:

  • If you’ve unlocked the Primal Knife’s indestructible perk, you’ll have a weapon that will never break. You can use it effectively in close combat situations.
  • Treasures you collected during your previous run will be nearby on your next run, so be sure to acquire them again.
  • Hardcore mode increases the prices of certain items, so make sure you sell anything you don’t need.
  • The end goal is Accumulate 2 million pesetas to buy the Infinite Rocket Launcher. This is one of the weapons that has unlimited ammo.
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Your first professional difficulty run

Now that you have both the Primal Knife and the Infinite Rocket Launcher, it’s time to go for that Resident Evil 4 Remake The Peerless Agent Trophy and Achievement. Choose your next New Game+ attempt and select the “Pro” difficulty level.

Here are some additional tips and objectives to keep in mind when deciding on the Peerless Agent, as well as other unlockables:

  • To speed up your run, you can Skip the village encounter.
  • The Infinite Rocket Launcher will kill enemies instantly, and the Primal Knife can be used to stab the unwary in the back. Of course, there are other firearms for different situations.
  • Ignore all treasure, collectibles, and side quests this time.
  • Ideally, you should get the Professional A rank by completing the campaign in under seven hours. This will unlock the Chicago Sweeper (or Chicago Typewriter in the original game). It has infinite ammo as a unique perk if you use the exclusive upgrade ticket on it.
  • Now that you’ve completed Pro Mode, Peerless Agent is just the icing on the cake.

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Tips for future campaign runs

After you get those, you need to consider further campaign runs Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophy and Achievement of the Peerless Agent:

  • Professional S+ rank for the cat ears:
    • Requires a restart (not New Game+).
    • Complete the campaign in less than five and a half hours with fewer than 15 manual saves.
    • rewards you with the cat ears, an accessory that grants infinite ammo for all non-missile weapons.
  • Pro (no bonus weapons) for the hand cannon:
    • Reboot (not New Game+).
    • No specific clear rank/duration is required, so take your time.
    • You cannot use bonus weapons like the Primal Knife and Chicago Sweeper.
    • On the plus side, you can equip the Cat Ears, meaning whatever weapon you pick up during the campaign will have infinite ammo anyway.
    • You get the hand cannon, which also has infinite ammo as a unique perk.

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And that’s essentially what you need to know about them RE4 The Peerless Agent Trophy and Achievement. As you progress through the early parts of the challenge (your first run and NG+), you’ll want to find the golden chicken egg for more money, and you may wonder how to solve it the sword puzzle in the treasury. For more solutions and help, visit our Resident Evil 4 leads hub.

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