Resident Evil 4 Remake Rank Requirements Guide

The rank you get when you complete the Resident Evil 4 make new counts not only for bragging – it grants unlocks like Accesories And costumes. Each difficulty level has its own ranking requirements ranging from B to S+.

This guide details the rank requirements of each difficulty from A to S+, most of which include game time. Only S+ has a separate requirement, and on Professional difficulty it has a third to keep things sharp.

To get an S+ on any difficulty, you must be playing on a brand new save, ie New Game+ runs are excluded from S+ rankings. You cannot use weapons or pesetas carried over from previous playthroughs for this prestigious ranking, so it will take practice to get it down.

Rank requirements for Resident Evil 4 Remake

Supported Difficulty Rating Requirements

  • A rank: 15 hours
  • S rank: Four hours
  • S+ rank: Four Hours (New Playthrough)

Standard difficulty ranking requirements

  • A rank: 12 hours
  • S rank: 5 hours
  • S+ rank: Five Hours (New Playthrough)

Requirements for ranking the difficulty “Hardcore”.

  • A rank: 10 hours
  • S rank: Five hours and 30 minutes
  • S+ rank: Five Hours and 30 Minutes (New Playthrough)

Professional Difficulty Rating Requirements

  • A rank: Seven hours
  • S rank: Five hours and 30 minutes
  • S+ rank: Five hours and 30 minutes with 15 saves or fewer (New Playthrough)

Getting an S+ rank at Professional is no joke. If you end up saving 16 times, you will no longer be eligible for S+ and will instead receive S by default even if you meet the time requirement. Put this practice in and maybe you’ll eventually make it. Now that you know them RE4 Rank requirements, check out some of our others Resident Evil 4 redo instructions for further help and advice.

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