Resident Evil 4 Remake’s PSVR 2 Functionality Will Be Free DLC

After not mentioning the VR abilities of Resident Evil 4 For almost a year, Capcom has announced that the upcoming RE4 Remake will get its PSVR 2 functionality as free post-launch DLC. In a post about the Japanese resident Evil Twitter account, the company confirmed that development of the VR content has started and that it will be offered at no additional cost to players who pick up the game on PlayStation 5.

when last year Resident Evil 4‘S Remake was announced, the trailer ended by stating that PS5 players would be able to try out some original content on PSVR 2. There was no timeframe for when this content would appear, and that’s probably because development on the remake began well before Sony had finalized the technical specs of its new VR headset.

It could be Resident Evil Village VR mode was prioritized because this game has already ended. Giving credibility to that thought is how Village will receive its PSVR 2 content today to coincide with the release of the new device.

Whatever the reason, fans are looking forward to checking it out Resident Evil 4 in VR on PS5 you have to wait a bit before doing this. Currently, the only way to experience Leon’s trek through the Spanish countryside in VR is via the Meta Quest 2 version. Thankfully, this port is a pretty incredible recreation of the original.

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