Risk of Rain Returns Artificer Survivor, Providence Trials Revealed

A new Risk of rain returns Survival and Game Modes, Artificer and Providence Trials were revealed by Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing. The additions to the upcoming remake of the cult-classic indie roguelike have been detailed Developer thoughts 30 Video on YouTube, and Hopoo said it will add the additional survivors alongside a series of trials players can tackle to test their skills with new challenges.

The Survivor added to the mix is ​​none other than the Artificer. Introduced in Danger of rain 2, the Artificer may no longer have a third dimension to contend with, but will still pack her devastating offensive abilities and unique power, Snapfreeze. It should offer a new way for teams to team up in co-op challenges.

As for these challenges, Risk of rain returns get what Hopoo calls the “Providence Trials”. A number of them will be available to players, which will test their skills in combat effectiveness and player mobility. For the successful completion of these challenges, players can unlock alternate abilities for each survivor that they can carry over into the main game.

Risk of rain returns The release on PC and Nintendo Switch is planned for later this year. It can be wish-listed steam And switch.

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