Should You Get Nahida or Nilou in Genshin Impact? Answered

Nahida and Nilou are two powerful fighters Genshin Impact. One uses her powers as a Dendro Archon while the other dances her way to create a unique team composition. Here’s our guide to help you decide if you should invite Nahida or Nilou Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Nahida or Nilou – Which 5 Star Character is Better?

Nahida and Nilou are amazing on their own, and we recommend getting both if possible. However, if their banners are displayed at the same time, e.g. B. during the first half of the update to version 3.6, you may only need to select one.

Choose Nahida

  • Element: dendro
  • Role: Sub-DPS or Support
  • Best in Slot Weapon: A thousand floating dreams
  • Best Artifacts: 4-part Deepwood Memories or 4-part Gilded Dreams

When choosing between Nahida or Nilou in Genshin Impact, then the former is the ideal choice. Nahida is considered a game changer, one who really maximizes the abilities of the Dendro element and all the elemental reactions that come with it.

This is partly due to her All-to-Know Schemes ability, which links nearby enemies to cast Dendro. Combined with her Illusory Heart Burst, she gains buffs based on her teammates’ elements.

Perhaps the most important factors are Nahida’s Awakening Elucidated Compassion Illuminated. The first grants bonus damage and critical hit rate to her skill based on her Elemental Mastery (EM) above 200 points.

The second one gets interesting as it grants bonus EM to all party members based on 25% of their stats. Since you’re building her primarily to stack EM, she increases the damage of all party members who rely heavily on reactions.

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I chose Nilou

Nilou is an alternate option if you already have Nahida and want to try out her abilities. What makes Nilou unique is her Passive Court of Dancing Petal. It requires your team to only have Hydro and Dendro characters in order to generate Bountiful Cores (i.e. more powerful and larger Bloom blasts).

It might seem restrictive at first, but it works tremendously, especially when you have decent teammates like Dendro Traveler, Collei, Xinqiu, Nahida, Kokomi, or Yelan. Likewise, Nilou is an HP stacker, and her passive, Dreamy Dance of the Aeons, grants bonus damage from Generous Core for every 1,000 HP above 30,000.

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We definitely recommend bringing in Nahida instead of Nilou Genshin Impact. This is to ensure you get the most out of all Dendro-based reactions, rather than experimenting with a more unique playstyle. Still, you can learn more about Sumeru’s favorite dancer in our Nilou building instructionsas well as other in-game mechanics in our leads hub.

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