Sifu Reveals Xbox Release Date and Free Arenas Expansion

The beat ’em up game Sifu is finally making its way to the Xbox. Originally released on PlayStation and PC over a year ago in February 2022, developer Sloclap has confirmed March 28th as the date when the game can be played on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam.

a revenge game, Sifu follows the story of Pak Mei that you embody. Trained in kung fu, you hunt to defeat those who killed your master. For more information about the game, see our review.

Arena Expansion

Released along with the Xbox version of Sifu is a free extension. The DLC entitled “Arena Expansion” offers five new game modes, new challenges and new arena areas.

game modes

  • Capture Mode: Take control and maintain control of a specific area
  • Survival Mode: Knock down waves of enemies without dying
  • Manhunt Mode: Go through a target’s bodyguards and take out the target
  • Time Attack Mode: Race against the clock as you fight your way through a path full of enemies
  • Achievement Mode: Strive for perfection against your enemies

With nine diverse arenas and 45 new challenges, the arena expansion brings 10 hours of new gameplay Sifu. The expansion will be available to those who only purchase the game on Steam or Xbox.

Sifu is currently available for pre-order for $39.99 Xbox store. Need help with a quest, game mechanics, or what are the best skills to learn? Check out ours game page for the answers.

Featured image via Sloclap

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