Skylines to Receive Three New Content Creator Packs Ahead of Sequel

Paradox Interactive may have only recently announced Cities: Skylines 2, but that doesn’t mean the original game is finished and dusted. Before the start of its sequel Cities: skylines will receive three more Content Creator Packs, adding new locations, buildings and additional radio stations to the already massive city builder. All three packs will be released on March 22nd, 2023 along with a free update called “Hubs and Transport” that expands the transport system.

The first of the three new content packs is called Africa in Miniature. Set on the African continent, this pack lets you explore Africa’s diverse architecture with its unique blend of urban environments and vibrant colors. Created by 3D artist Setonji “Prince Set” Hotonu, Africa in Miniatura features 28 new buildings inspired by existing African architecture and concepts.

Sports Venues is the second pack and expands the variety of sports facilities your city can have. Created by community modder BadPeanut, you can build large or small stadiums in your cities for citizens to enjoy games like soccer, baseball, and soccer. Each stadium even has built-in transportation options, so you can seamlessly connect them to existing subway or bus lines.

Finally, the Shopping Centers pack should be a little self-explanatory. Created by modder KingLeno, you can decorate your city with new malls, department stores and malls to generate additional income and tourism for your city. The pack features 60 new assets, including additional restaurants.

This pack starts with some additional radio stations that will help you jam while you lay the groundwork for your new buildings. At approximately 70 minutes of music each, you can experience a diverse selection of African music, relive the glamor of 80’s movie tunes and smash the establishment with a pop-punk-focused station.

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Cities: skylines is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A VR version is available for Meta Quest 2 with a planned PSVR 2 release in the future.

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