Sons of the Forest: Best Base Locations

The best bases in sons of the forest depends on what priorities you have regarding the characteristics of a settlement. Maybe you want to be at the edge of the ocean for the view, or maybe you’d rather be in a field to keep tabs on enemies and gather resources more easily. While the choice of base location is ultimately up to you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best base locations in sons of the forestand all while keeping in mind the top priorities you may be looking for.

Best bases in Sons of the Forest

What location you want for a base depends on factors like the types of resources you prioritize, whether you want open space, or whether you want to hide in the trees. I prefer to be in the middle of a wooded area for food and water reasons, although I’m more at risk of being ambushed by cannibals climbing through the undergrowth or in the trees. I think this is a worthwhile tradeoff so I can keep my food and water meters full and avoid drained stamina.

Base Site 1: North Beach

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Establishing a base on the north beach has several advantages, but it is not without disadvantages.

The north beach is nearby rebreather And machete Locations, and it’s possible that’s where your chopper’s crash site is as well, giving you access to crates full of supplies that refill when you log back in. The open space also means enemies can’t climb trees and ambush you. You can see them coming and prepare for battle.

You need to build water collectors as there is no fresh water nearby. Also collecting the logs can take longer as you have to transport them to the beach. Many important things also have to be covered a little on foot. Overall, the cons of this site are not bad. I made a base here in a save file before water collectors were added and maintaining my water meter was the hardest part at this location.

Base Location 2: West Beach

Image via MapGenie

The West Beach shares most of the same positives and negatives as the North Beach base location. It’s closer to one 3D printerand you can grab one gun from the nearby raft. If I had to choose between beach locations, I would choose North Beach. Maybe it was bad luck, but I felt like I’d encountered more cannibals on West Beach.

Base Site 3: Lake Island

Image via MapGenie

Except for sharks, no enemies swim, and since this island is in a lake, there are no sharks! This is probably the safest place to set up your base – plus you have unlimited fresh water to drink. The overall area isn’t bad and you have access to everything you need to survive. But of course it’s not a perfect place.

Outside of winter it is difficult to bring logs to this small island. Since you can’t carry logs while swimming, you’ll either have to use those rope gun and build ziplines to carry the logs across the water, or wait until winter and drag them across the ice. During this time, enemies might attack you as they can walk on ice. However, the biggest disadvantage of this location is the lack of space to build a base on the island. It’s rather small.

Base Site 4: Lakeside

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Instead of building a settlement on the island, building a settlement on the lake shore is another option. The Lakeside area has the same resources, but you don’t need to put in any extra effort to transport logs across the water. Also, compared to the beach bases, it’s closer to many caves that have useful items in them, and that means less walking around the larger island.

The disadvantage here compared to the island base is that enemies can attack you more easily. Overall, I prefer building on the lake shore rather than on the island because the convenience outweighs the low level of added security.

Base Site 5: Northeast Glade

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This clearing gives you plenty of room to build a large base and you don’t have to lug logs across the water. It may take some time, but it’s much easier to transport resources across land and into this glade. In addition, building here offers a high level of security, since enemies cannot hide in trees and jump down on you. You will be adequately warned if you are attacked.

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However, you’ll need to travel a bit to find many of the weapons hidden around the island, as this clearing is only close to a few important items. There’s a spot with some water here, but with water collectors and a bottle you shouldn’t mind even if you’re not right next to it.

Base location 6: Forest accident site

Image via MapGenie

This is one of my personal favorites. It’s right on the water and not far away stun stick, a 3D printer and some caves with key items. Its position feels so central that running to collect items (in most cases) doesn’t seem like too much of a hassle. There are also many trees that can be used as materials.

However, if you want a large area to build on, you’ll need to clear some trees, as the forest here is dense, which also means enemies will climb and jump on you. Similar to The forest, enemies appear to be attracted to the crash site after a period of time. Since enemies don’t respawn, I find it useful if they come to me and I don’t have to deal with them later.

Base Location 7: Frosty Cave

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Near the southern part of Giant Mountain in the middle of the map, there is a small cave that you can build inside. You don’t have to be afraid of being attacked, but I find this place to be very situational as it has some downsides given the low temperatures in the area.

You are quite far from many resources and important items. So setting up a base here means you have to walk around the island quite a bit.

Base Site 8: Abandoned House

Image via MapGenie

This is the perfect option when you want a base but want to build it up with minimal effort. You can use these abandoned houses and either add complete rooms and levels or just add smaller building objects like shelves for storage and a bed. Depending on what you want to build on, you’ll also need fewer resources.

If you decide to make your base here, this is what you want to get shovel, maintenance key cardAnd guest key card Firstly because they are out of the way from this location. However, getting there will be easier katana and the last bunker of the game in case you want to complete it.

Base Site 9: Mountain Top

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I personally wouldn’t go for the Mountaintop Base, but it seems to be quite popular with other players. From this place you have a great viewpoint and you can climb to the top of the mountain with the Rope Gun and descend to different points of the island.

However, the space you have to build is limited and you will also need to use the rope gun to bring logs and other resources to that location. I also consider it a fall hazard. This mountain has killed me more times than any cannibal or mutant.

Base Site 10: Waterfall

Image via MapGenie

The band TLC once said, “Don’t chase waterfalls,” but I disagree sons of the forest. This waterfall base is another one of my personal favorite spots. It’s central enough that there aren’t many items to trek across the island for, there’s plenty of water and trees galore. To add to the appeal, there are also crates and crates that respawn every time you log in, meaning you can easily keep getting supplies like meds and solar panels.

Space is also limited in this location unless you make your own clearing by chopping down trees, which could also help you avoid being ambushed by enemies. If you want a surface for a large base, it may take longer to set up, but the result is a high level of comfort.

These are currently the best bases in Sons of the Forest. As the game updates, there will certainly be changes in the areas suitable for the best settlements and we will update them as we find them. You can find more content on our sons of the forest guide page and find out how to make friends with virginia or how to get the compound bow.

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