Sons of the Forest Best Weapons Tier List

sons of the forest Players can craft a number of very useful weapons, but some of the best ranged and melee weapons can only be acquired at certain locations. Our guide provides you with a ranking of the best weapons in sons of the forestincluding their exact locations and crafting recipes.

Sons of the Forest: S Tier Weapons

compound bow

The compound bow is one of the three available bows in sons of the forestand it is by far the best ranged weapon in the game.

It can shoot a few types of arrows, including generic bow arrows and carbon fiber arrows that can be 3D printed. Its power is enough to instantly kill almost any enemy with a single headshot.

Location of the compound bow

It’s in the southwest part of the map in Service Shaft B. Look for it next to a bathtub in the bedroom (x4439, y10446).


If you want the power of the compound bow but want to shoot arrows faster, the crossbow is a better option. It basically works like a firearm, but is much quieter and doesn’t require you to constantly manually draw and release each arrow.

location of the crossbow

This weapon is located in the northwestern part of the map in the Food Bunker (x4828, y4581). Note that you need the maintenance card to bypass the lock.


If you just don’t find shooting arrows exciting, then the revolver is the best weapon in the game due to its high damage and long range. It can’t hold more than six bullets, so don’t waste a single shot. But with such high damage, every shot can be deadly.

location of the turret

In order to get the revolver, players will need to work a shovel in the northeastern part of the island and get to the maintenance shaft C. The revolver is right next to a corpse (x10428, y4692).

Sons of the Forest: Tier A Weapons

Pump action shotgun

A shotgun has many advantages, including high damage, but it is not in the S tier due to its short range. You can also upgrade it further with accessories like a flashlight and laser sight.

Location of the pump-action shotgun

There are actually two places where you can find this weapon. One is in the Soldiers’ Grave in the northwestern part of the island (x3618, y3519). The other can be seen on the bar by the bunker on the east bank (x12360, y6008).

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Katana is the best melee weapon in sons of the forest. It is extremely sharp and has very fast attack patterns that are perfect for quick close-range kills. On the other hand, you might not be too happy with his slow block movement.

Katana location

Find this weapon in the bunker on the east coast of the island. You need a VIP card to enter, then go to Room 2 on the second floor (x10874, y908).

Crafted Club

This is the best melee weapon against cannibals as it has decent block timing. It also has quite a range for a melee weapon when you’re swinging, which can help you against a whole group of cannibals. It’s an excellent choice for beginners.

Crafted Club recipe

  • 1x skull.
  • 1x rope.
  • 1x stick.

Sons of the Forest: B-Tier Weapons

Crafted Spear

The spear might not be the most powerful melee weapon, but it has a decent range and can be thrown for even longer range. You also don’t need both hands to hold it, so you can use it with the flashlight, which is pretty handy.

Crafted Spear recipe and location

  • 2x sticks.
  • 1x adhesive tape.
  • 1x utility knife.

You can find the spear in the abandoned camp on the southwest of the island near one of the tents (x4680, y9212).


Machete is basically a big knife with some very fast attack patterns. Returning players off The forest be very familiar with the handling of the machete, as it was one of the most effective close combat weapons at the time.

Machete location

You can find Machete near some red boats on the north beach of the island (x7412, y3410).


Slingshot is a cool little ranged weapon that doesn’t require players to craft or find any ammo other than collecting small rocks. These rocks don’t hit very hard, but it’s definitely enough for a starter ranged weapon.

Slingshot location

You can find this weapon by following our guide how to get a slingshot in sons of the forest exactly here.

These are the best weapons sons of the forest. For more tips and tricks articles, go to go to us sons of the forest Instructions page here.

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