Sons of the Forest Duplication Bugs Abound in Early Access

sons of the forest Duplication errors are already being found by players despite the fact that the game was only introduced to Steam Early Access on February 23, 2023. It’s not uncommon for survival games of this nature (and others like RPGs) to have these types of exploits; The previous Endnight Games title in the series, The forest, eventually also had dupe glitches. But the speed at which players have discovered them speaks to and amplifies the game’s popularity on streaming platforms like Twitch the ever-growing number of players on Steam.

A quick search of YouTube, Reddit, and the game’s Steam forums reveals a number of item duplication errors that pop up sons of the forest in early access. Some are relatively simple and involve creating an infinite loop with saves and boxesContainers and caches are spread across the map while others are a bit more involved.

A YouTuber discovered how to duplicate unlimited arrows with 3D printer, some players figured out how to duplicate logs, and some Steam users found ways to do it double meat or cheating fish. Another commenter showed how even some quest-related items will appear again after saving the game, exiting the main menu and reloading the game, a process found in several others as well sons of the forest Item dupe methods.

While it is possible that some of these exploits will be removed in future updates and hot fixes from Endnight Games, it’s entirely possible that some will stay and become part of the overall experience. For example, it is still possible to duplicate articles The forestwhich was first released in 2014, with some players continuing to create content around the exploits, as evidenced by YouTube searches and player guides.

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Of course, it’s also plausible that updates, patches, and additions throughout the development process also result in new item dupe exploits. It is not uncommon for corrections to be made introduce errors that didn’t exist before.

There will surely be more sons of the forest Duplication bugs will be found in the coming days and weeks, and of course some might be gone forever or just be during the game’s Early Access period removed sometime after the launch of 1.0. In the meantime, it will surely be interesting to see what the community uncovers on the cannibal-infested island.

Featured image via Endnight Games.

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