Sons of the Forest Hotfix 1 is Small but Fixes Two Key Issues

sons of the forest Hotfix 1 is already available and fixes two issues that disrupt survival horror sim players at launch. It’s not uncommon for any game these days to have fixes released near or at release, and the latest from Endnight Games is no exception. Anyone who signs up via Early Access to play on Steam will be greeted with a small 28.1MB patch before heading back into the woods.

The small patch notes Details on the fixes to the game’s input mapping and a bug that caused the game to freeze for players.

  • Fix for removing the book from the backpack causing the game to lock.
  • Fixed an input mapping issue.

According to a Steam user, the input mapping error appears to have occurred when they tried to skip a cutscene and then “the time went negative and spun in a loop”, causing the game to lock up. It’s unclear how many other players were affected, but now it seems to be a thing of the past with Hotfix 1.

It’s good to see Endnight Games fixing bugs quickly sons of the forestespecially considering the game has gotten off to an incredible start and player count has been reached Over 400,000 players in the afternoon of launch, a number that far exceeds any achieved by the game’s predecessor, The forest. There are currently 32 bug reporting pages dedicated to bug tracking on the official Steam forum.

Endnight Games encourages anyone who finds problems or bugs to post this steam forum. The team asks that anyone submitting performance reports include their system information, and if players can reproduce the bug, they will receive even more information as a result. Memory specific issues should be sent to the official support email listed in the thread above. While there may be other fixes in the meantime, the next one is planned sons of the forest Update is on March 9, 2023.

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Featured image via Endnight Games.

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