Sons of the Forest Hotfix 2 Adds Hotkeys, Addresses Other Controls

sons of the forest Hotfix 2 is live now for those playing the survival horror game in Early Access on PC. It’s a little bigger than the first hot fix which was released the day after the game launched and addresses some other issues revolving around hotkeys and controls. It’s also a larger download size, clocking in at 344.4 MB.

The patch notes describe the addition of hotkeys and that the Endnight Games team has tweaked the cutscene skip prompts and tweaks Leaving the guideamong other things.

Here’s a small hotfix for a couple of issues that popped up over the weekend.

  • Added keyboard/mouse hotkey system. Assign hotkeys in inventory by pressing number keys 0 through 9 on floating items in Inventor.
  • Improved prompt for skipping cutscenes; now appears briefly at startup or is displayed when common skip keys are pressed (esc, space, etc.)
  • Added heavy attack tutorial to loading hint
  • ‘Back’ (Esc by default) closes the Tutorial Book, Construction Book, and Grab Bag interactions

Players have been clamoring for the addition of an in-game hotkey system, and to be honest it’s a great quality of life addition that will go a long way. It’s also good to see that another option to close the manual was added because “B” wasn’t. To learn how to assign quick select bindings we have a quick hotkey explainer Here to help.

sons of the forest reached a peak of more than 400,000 players shortly after release and currently sits just above Hogwarts Legacy as the 4th top game by concurrent players in the Steam charts. Since the game is currently in Steam Early Access, many more patches and hotfixes are sure to follow. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more.

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Featured image via Endnight Games YouTube.

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