Sons of the Forest Hotfix 3 Updates Cannabalistic Hotkeys, Helldoor

sons of the forest Hotfix 3 is now available for PC players. The patch released on March 1st, 2023 was another small patch from Endnight Games, this time focusing on hotkey fixes and fixing an issue with the Helldoor.

According to some players, assigning a severed arm or leg to a hotkey meant that the arm or leg would be eaten instead of equipped when the hotkey was pressed (roughly). There were also a few less repellent issues, such as E.g. removing the Flask when hotkeys were enabled or UI issues the quick selection Added feature in Hotfix 2 on February 28th.

Here’s a quick rundown of the developer’s patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

  • Fix for hotkey bottle removing bottle when used.

  • Arms and legs are now equipped instead of eaten when activated via hotkey

  • Fix for hotkey button label not fitting in inventory view for some buttons

  • Fixed the hotkey icon showing the first hotkey for all unassigned items

  • Fixed an issue with Helldoor Collider not blocking certain interactions

This is the third small patch to it sons of the forest since the survival horror game released for PC Early Access on February 23, 2023. Apart from Hotfix 2, the first small update of the game Fixed input mapping issues and game crashing when players removed the Manual from the backpack.

The first major update should arrive on the island on March 9, 2023 according to the countdown clock in the game’s start menu. Endnight Games did a great job listening the huge community is growing around sons of the forest with recent hotfixes so it will be interesting to see what arrives in this patch. Stay tuned for more coverage there.

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