Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Defensive Wall

Similar to im The forest, sons of the forest you can build a base beyond the standard shelter options in your guidebook. An essential element of building a base are defensive walls, spiked at the top to prevent cannibals from climbing over them. Despite the illustrations, building a defensive wall isn’t entirely obvious, so we’ll go through the exact steps in this guide.

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How to build a defensive wall in Sons of the Forest

First you need to chop down some trees to collect logs or you could Duplicate logs infinitely. The number you need depends on how big the wall you are going to build.

To chop down trees, equip your ax from your inventory and hit with the primary action button (LMB/RT by default).

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The tree will fall and break into pieces. You should either keep them in a lumberyard to build later, or take them one at a time to place to create your wall.

When you’re holding a log, look down at the ground and you’ll see a dotted outline showing how the log will be placed if you decide to place it without rotating or flipping it further first. Use the primary action button to place the log.

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After placing two logs you will see a line along with the dotted lines showing you the position to keep the logs aligned to build a straight wall.

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Next, use your ax to chop the tops of the logs into points. To do this you just have to look up while you are near the log you are cutting so that red dotted lines appear. When the lines appear, you must use the primary action button twice to cut a spiked spike on the log.

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After doing this several times, you have created your defensive wall. From here you can continue building your base. Or check out our ever-growing collection of sons of the forest Leader and learn them 3D printer location or what Find the tranquilizer stick.

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