Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Floor

It won’t be long before you want to build a shelter sons of the forest to keep the cannibals at bay. They need walls, a floor and preferably a door for a safe haven. In this guide we will go over how to make a floor for your shelter.

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How to build a floor in Sons of the Forest

The first thing you want to do is collect logs by cutting down trees. With a log in hand, hold the primary action button (LMB/RT by default) to drop the log where the dotted lines appear.

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Then connect logs into a square using the arrows to control your placement.

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How to make boards

After you have a square of logs to form the frame of the floor, you’ll want to split logs into planks. To do this, stand on one end of the log while holding your ax and tilt your screen until you see red dotted lines.

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Use the primary action button twice and you’ve got some planks. You can carry up to four at a time. From here bring them to the base of your floor and again use the arrows to control your placement. Five boards are needed to complete each block frame to create a floor.

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You now know how to build a floor and you will probably want to lay a lot of them. Check out ours sons of the forest guide for build defensive walls to further improve your base or you can take a look how to assign hotkeys to make your quest for survival a little easier.

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