Sons of the Forest: How to Build Stairs

You can build all kinds of shelters according to your own design sons of the forestbut it is a labor intensive process to gather the logs to create the Floors, roof and other components. Not every base needs stairs, but chances are you’ll want them and you’ll need to know how to build stairs before you can start adding them to your shelter.

How to build stairs in Sons of the Forest

Stairs are built without instructions, but the process only requires your ax and some logs.

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Once you have collected logs, place one on the ground using the dotted lines as a guide. Then when you place the second log you can use the line on the ground to judge the correct spacing.

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Next, join the tops of the two trunks with a third trunk.

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From here you’ll add two logs, sloped on each side, to complete the frame of the stairs.

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All that’s left is to add boards to the frame to finish the stairs.

Screenshot from Gameskiny.

Now you are one step closer to your shelter sons of the forest, which can provide protection when attacked by enemies. we have others sons of the forest Leader that can help you to build up your stock, such as how to make a fire or how to build a doorso check them out for more info.

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