Sons of the Forest: How to Duplicate Infinite Items

Knowing how to duplicate infinite items sons of the forest bypasses some of the basic mechanics of the survival horror game. You can duplicate an infinite number of important materials from crates and caches, making your existence on the island a little less complicated if you’re so inclined. That’s how it works.

Sons of the Forest infinite item dupe explained

The sons of the forest Endless item dupe depends on saving and reloading your game. It is difficult to say whether this is the case Strictly speaking a bug or intended design choice, which may change during Early Access; it’s a bit different than some of the Duplication errors reported here.

Even so, items respawn infinitely every time you load into a save game. This includes items in chests and caches, in tents, and on the ground. I’ve tested this several times in various locations including the camp where you find it The modern ax and the Flashlight location.

How article duplication works

Here you can find out how to import articles sons of the forest:

  • Find a location with the items you want.
  • Gather all the items you can carry in your inventory from this location.
  • Save your game in a nearby tent or bed (or build a simple tent yourself).
  • Exit the main menu.
  • Reload your save.

All items will respawn so you can collect them again. Then rinse and repeat until you can’t wear anything anymore.

This is a great way to collect massive amounts of C4 explosives, flares, grenades, MREs, or other hard-to-find items. Of course, it also lowers the difficulty level drastically sons of the forest and essentially breaks the game. Still, playing is part of the fun of survival games How You want (although it’s probably best to experience the game as it’s intended, at least for a while).

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Unfortunately, you cannot continually reproduce certain items, such as feathers, that you still have to collect manually.

But this is how you duplicate an infinite number of objects sons of the forest. It’s very possible that this exploit will change over the course of development, but it exists for now for those who want to take advantage of it if they want to focus solely on base building or other parts of the game without worrying too much make. For more, such as a list of all console commandsgo over to our guides hub for sons of the forest.

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